Looking for fuck budy with phone no email

12-Jul-2015 02:43

With an ex, I read an email that criticized me in a way that I’ve never forgotten, and in that case, I wish I hadn’t seen it, because it wasn’t intended for me.

ecently, Jools Oliver, wife of chef Jamie Oliver, and writer Samantha Brick both proudly declared that they check their husbands’ emails and phones regularly, and credit their successful marriages in part to such snooping.Oliver said that even though she monitors her husband’s email, phone and Twitter account, “He says I’m a jealous girl, but I think I’m fairly laid-back, considering.” While it may work for them, I would caution against following their lead.I believe privacy is important in relationships; that’s not to say you can’t express curiosity or doubt or suspicion if that’s what you’re feeling.If he tells you he’s grabbing a quick drink and is gone for three hours, you have the right to ask about it, something else I also have experienced.

Do I wish I’d remained ignorantly blissful for a little while longer?

Not necessarily, but it was a harrowing way to find out.

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