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03-Dec-2015 11:06

“Move with your breath, pedal it out.”Happy grunted her way into the ridiculous posture, looking at Paige next to her to figure out what “pedal it out” actually meant.She couldn’t remember the last time she’d done something so pointless.“Remind me never to believe you when you say we’re going to do something ‘fun.’”Paige turned her head.Gravity seemed to be pulling some of her hair out of its ponytail.

The class was winding down and she assumed she was supposed to be feeling relaxed.But the new-age music and droning voice of the instructor were only grating more on her nerves.“What is the goal here? I can’t just—“ “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.” Paige closed her eyes.‘I remember talking about Lewis’s momentum a few weeks ago and suddenly we have this mega Nico weekend.“And lift from the tail into downward facing dog.” The instructor’s voice was somehow an even blend of soothing and pretentious.

‘We have the tendency of saying Lewis has awesome pace, and this is what we have seen here with Nico. Even so, Wolff does not see the result as an augury for the rest of the season.

‘We have the tendency of talking one up and the other one down,’ he said.

While life expectancy has increased from previous generations, the likelihood of having considerable time after the death of one’s mate remains high.… continue reading »

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