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Here is a deciphered sample (=PTurner 47.1) and some obvious examples from our collections: Written with the fibers, parts of two columns; mentions names of towns and people; "Roman Period." The other side is badly damaged, with some traces of letters in a single column.

IRIS[ 12 KWMHS[ 13 PEIROS .[ (or PATROS or TRA...) 14 KWMH.

The Dating Formula of our E16542A Ptolemy III Euergetes (247/6-221 bce) papyrus: see Bevan on the Ptolemies and their dating formulas (especially chapter 6, on Ptolemy III, and 4.7, on religious formulae) Working with Lists -- The PPenn collections preserve various items that appear to be lists of one sort or another. [ 02 AMWNELATOS[ 03 OLYMPIADO.[ 04 FOIBAMMWN .[ = personal name, widely attested 05 KWMHS OLO.[ 06 .

Hitherto unedited fragments will be available for possible publication, from the collections here at the University as well as elsewhere. There will also be an opportunity for hands-on work with small cartonnage fragments from the PPenn Kraft collection (conservation, separation, classification and decipherment). Ultimately, papyrology is best learned by doing, and fortunately current technology facilitates such possibilities. There are only seven surviving copies of this edition, which features a preface by the king himself.

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-- "papyrology" has come to deal not only with the use of papyri as a medium for text and art, but also similar uses of other materials found in similar (often archaeological) circumstances, especially leather (parchment, vellum), as noted below under "Topics." E16257 E16411A (back is blank) E16411B (does anything else seem unusual about this piece?

back is blank) E16411C (right/left margins seem peculiar; back is blank) E16525 vellum, nothing visible on back E16526 vellum, reused Hebrew manuscript E16527 vellum, reused Hebrew manuscript E16540 (several) E16757 1.