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Annual dues of per familf will be acc^ted by the troisurer, at tlffi n»efai^.

This will 1)4 just one of 30 projects in Vi rginia's arterial high way system tentatively scheduled to come up for bids.

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has W9n its fight against Vii^nia Beach to keeff from signing an agreement that" would mean giving up its sewage treatment facilities in the future. If the company had sigiwd the agreement, it would have had to give up its plant, serving three residential Subdivisions ti-ear Kempsville, as soon as the Hamjv ton Roads Sanitation District is ready to offer sewer services, ip the area.* . The two men were attached to Fightgr Squadron 102 at tiie Naval A if Station, Oceana. 64 RJCHMOND — Bids on that s«:tion of Interstate 64 which runs through Norfolk and Vir- pnla Beach are expected to gn to the contractors within the next' six months, according to the State Highway Department. If excessive detours are nec-s- sary to effect delivery of mail customers should temporarily relocate their boxes on the new line of travel, arrange to receive their mail through inake other arrange- . ^This latest development in the city's reapfxtrrionnwnt battle came on the he**Js of a second suit filed by four residents seeking a forced redistricting. The radar Intercept Officer was l^wrence Seward Bowler, l-t- (i-g-), who was unmarried His j» rents, Mr. Gor- don Edson Bqwler, Hve in Mountain View, Calif. Rural carriers are not required to perform service on foot Wlien roads cnnnbt be traveled wi^h the vehicles normally used, but they are expected to make every reasonable eff ort to serve s many of their patrons as possi- ble without physical exertion or, added financial cost, he explain- ed. mcnts for their mail until travelj" Sun-News, on the r(»ds affected can be resumed. Saai Tafaet of Voii Bia li Hii and iamm Mewa of I^irfoft t-tte CMMMH^ of Aev Min^ lifanbi ifary Nenb, to l Uihard Stefriiea Bart- Mr. / BRAAY \ THE ORLT ffiff SPAPER PRINTED n VR6110A l EACB ricusq.h:), WA.

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VIRGINIA BEACH SUN -NEWS PUBLISHED TUKDAY & THURSDAY nil Volume Xi, No. VIRGl Nf A BEACH, VIRGINIA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1965 6 PAGES Sr^Ll COPYi 10c. W i R WP CITY MAY SEEK CHARTER CHANGE BELLBOY HERE GETS BEACH BOYS' TOGS t '*, By Raby Icm Ph Uipi VIRGINIA BEACH - Mel- vin Harris, a bellboy -U the Thunderbird Motor lidge. He has fallen heir to an aitule of clothing that could well cause a riot among local teen-agers.

Approval for use of the N*vy facility came last week (from Navy Secretary Paul H. Commercial development alori» the bridge-tunnel route has bei-n stymied ittice the span opened bv ladt^^ sewage connectiops. Council Vote Migiit Result If Approved VIRGINIA BEACH — Virginia Beach c Wiegates P. ^^ —^^ GMtonere Kri Aitod To 1M| \^IRGINIA BEACH — Post- master J, T. to-^ day appr- arily withhold delivery of mail, the Postmaster pointed out. A FMru^y i Mding ia MBf D — l Amf Y vnfito A BBACH — Mn. Loois Bartky of N(^- Tke wnidiqg w91 til A ptooe this wi MBT ia tfaa Jim of tte briite^lect in Vi Ma Bearii^ Mi Ms Memo j Adi Mil Ml 6tei rha Cooofiry D«y Mtoei to 3iris aii«tlttii«ed the Vta^a^ nf MMyland, Go Us^e, Pail^ Md. Jiartiey gradtated faom Gfaaby High Sdiool and from Yflt Uoivenity.