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20-Sep-2016 11:42

The Live Feeds give you raw, behind-the-scenes access to the alliances, betrayals, romances and meltdowns -- all available 24/7* on your desktop, mobile and streaming devices.See the action unfold in real-time from the multi-camera setup in the house.The Kilcher family have allowed us to install cams in and around their property so we can get a fly-on-the wall view of their land, animals and lifestyle they love.Please respect them and other communities members when you post comments.The zoo has partnered with Telus to provide a live stream of the baby pandas so people can watch them eat, sleep, play — and just be their adorable fuzzy selves. The zoo's giant panda behavioural specialist, who monitors the pandas, operates the camera to get the best shots. and there is pre-recorded video available to watch the rest of the time. The camera looks in on the indoor habitat of giant panda mom Er Shun and her two cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue.You can also watch your local CBS broadcast live across devices (in select markets).These cams are hosted in a harsh environment with challenging weather conditions and while we hope that's part of what we capture to share with you, these conditions may cause cams to experience outages.

We're looking forward to bringing you another great season! The Kilchers rely on hunting to provide for their food so you may see them carrying shotguns as part of their everyday activities.

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We are working on setting up other exciting live events while the show is off-air. During this time the cams may be turned off or altered to adjust for filming.

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