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The Charter was officially adopted on 26 June 1955 at a Congress of the People in Kliptown.

The meeting was attended by roughly 3,000 delegates but was broken up by police on the second day, although by then the charter had been read in full.

It is characterized by its opening demand; "The People Shall Govern!

" In 1955, the ANC sent out 50,000 volunteers into townships and the countryside to collect "freedom demands" from the people of South Africa.

The crowd had shouted its approval of each section with cries of "Afrika! " The document is notable for its demand for and commitment to a non-racial South Africa, and this has remained the platform of the ANC.

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The Freedom Charter was the statement of core principles of the South African Congress Alliance, which consisted of the African National Congress (ANC) and its allies - the South African Indian Congress, the South African Congress of Democrats and the Coloured People's Congress.