Liquidating assets for charity dating services in iowa

01-Feb-2016 13:48

If the charity is incorporated either as a Charitable Trust, Incorporated Society, or a Company, the Companies Office will need to be advised.

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It is also very important to carefully read the charity’s rules to see if it contains a 'wind-up clause'.If the charity has investment, cash, or land assets, they will need to follow the wind-up clause or ensure assets are used for exclusively charitable purposes.The process of winding up will be different for each charity depending on its legal structure and rules.Once the decision has been made to wind up, the charity will need to settle all their finances; collect any credits owed and pay all debts.

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We are currently testing a new deregistration application form.If you are the charity's officer or authorised person, please contact us and we will be in touch to explain the deregistration process.