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28-Jan-2016 14:25

The guys still beat them hands down though, with 59% saying they enjoyed performing oral sex. The vast majority of women (46%), said that their primary goal during sex was to connect with their partner. Interestingly only 13% of WH respondents found receiving oral sex to be the ‘most pleasing’ activity in bed (thrusting technique and emotional connection rated much higher). Only 9% said an orgasm was their goal (which might explain why 10% said they never orgasm at all). Just 5% of WH respondents do absolutely no trimming at all, compared with 17% of men. But most WH respondents (57%) also said they felt “comfortable” or “very comfortable” when they are naked. Women have mixed feelings about oral sex A surprising 35% of women do it only because they know their partner enjoys it, but a third of the women did say they “loved” performing oral sex.

Also, find out about the titillating movements that are being made in the sex industry.

Over 1 200 women and 1 600 men took part in the survey. On the other hand, 30% also said they would take back a partner who had cheated (against only 25% of men who would take back a cheating partner), suggesting, perhaps, that their own infidelities have made women more forgiving.

Also, the definition of cheating appears to be very broad: 18% would consider having a close friendship with a male colleague to be cheating; and 62% said flirting via SMS and social networks counted as cheating. The rise of the Hollywood When it comes to their ‘lady gardens’, 46% of respondents said they are shaved completely whilst 21% of men said the same, and 41% say they trim regularly.

One in seven men and women said they masturbated twice a week.

In the MH survey, 34% said their primary goal was her orgasm (1.6% said it was ‘feeling loved’). Rushing foreplay is the biggest mistake a guy can make in the bedroom… and kissing is still the number one form of foreplay (as voted by both men [90%] and women [93%]). SA women are kinkier than ever (is it the 50 Shades influence?

) A whopping 45% of respondents said they enjoyed being spanked! Condoms are a priority, well, sort of One in 10 women set out to use a condom with a new partner, but get carried away and often don't, but seven out of 10 say they always do.

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