Lesbian dating attraction

04-Apr-2015 18:44

Maybe she's not attracted to her husband anymore and is wondering if she's lesbian.Maybe he's not paying attention to her and she's lonely.It's surprisingly common — but that doesn't mean it'll end well. She and her husband have a life and probably a house and kids and bills and extended family. Even though she's been questioning her sexual preferences for a while, she may believe she has to stay married. And if that's you, be prepared for things to get hard. Don't expect it to be easy or for the wife to depart her marriage without a lot of hesitating, questioning and false promises. She's unhappy in her relationship with a man and she's trying to figure out how to feel better about life.

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These women are not necessarily repressed lesbians as much as they are expanding their sexual preferences based on a deep emotional connection.

Certainly much easier than trying to spend time with another man.