Lawyer dating service

09-May-2016 13:28

There are plenty of amazing things about attorneys…here are just 15 of them! Quoting your date will make you sound smarter: “My boyfriend is a lawyer and he says…” 2. Plus: A lawyer in the family is always a good thing! (Yes, there’s more than one suit in his/her closet.) 4. Your date will likely make a great impression with your friends and colleagues. Your date will stand up for you, even when you’re wrong. Lawyers are often invited to interesting social events. In 2005, on Valentine's Day, appropriately enough, she launched Lawyersin, a dating site created specifically for law students, lawyers, and legal professionals."I didn't really know what I was doing [at first]; I had no idea," Albamonte admits. Luckily, they sold it for a reasonable price." After purchasing the domain, Albamonte met with someone who had the appropriate software and went from there. "I made up all the profile questions, some of which are law related." The site's entertaining profile questions make humorous reference to various legal topics."I started the site after I was on," she says of her decent experience with the popular Internet matchmaking portal."I got matched up with a bunch of people — one was even a lawyer.I [eventually] ended up getting off, though, and never getting back on it.

If you ever need your partner’s services, he/she will work especially hard for you.

Lawyers know how to present themselves well — and up the charm. Lawyers are very experienced negotiators and excel at conflict resolution.

As a general rule, lawyers work hard and play hard. Lawyers are eloquent, articulate and very insightful when it comes to reading another person’s character.

For example, one question asks the user to choose which Supreme Court justice best fits his or her personality.

Basically, Albamonte created questions that would amuse a law student or lawyer.

Albamonte, a federal attorney herself, has worked for the U. Department of Justice's Board of Immigration Appeals in Fall Church, VA, for the past 19 years. It's the idea that you understand each other and have a common schedule." Albamonte also wanted her site to lighten the atmosphere and counter the seriousness that law school and the legal profession can bring.