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13-Jan-2015 11:37

Well, it is a little salty, but it's a wonderful spread. It's a comfort food -- or a comfort spread I should say -- and we all stick by it. Okay, but I've heard people compare it to motor oil, anchovies and salty tar. Well, it's this restaurant with steaks and stuff where the waiters dress all Australian and they've got a Kiwi spokesman guy with an accent and . They don't really have these in Australia, you know. So what's the best thing about Australia that America doesn't have? The girls are always talking about it, but I've never been.

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I'd rather go to the Australian pub, something genuine. I do have three tattoos -- they are very personal -- BUT I will tell you that they are NOT kangaroos. Lauren is also one of the favorites to be named the 2003 MVP. But Mary refused to be thrown on the barbie -- not this time. and kick and catch, and finally the ball goes through the goal posts.

When Page 2 heard Lauren Jackson would be in Bristol, we scrambled to find someone who spoke fluent Australian. The last Mary heard from her she had married a random Australian guy -- her gay friend Simon -- and gained some sort of citizenship over there. The closest we came was a janitor who owns a Naomi Watts poster and keeps AC/DC in his Discman. So we decided to send Mary to talk to the Aussie, ask her a few questions -- 10 Burning Questions, to be exact -- and find out the scoop on the enigmatic Land Down Under.