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One particular breakthrough involved the disintegration and reintegration of matter using a laser beam.Dillinger's MCP, however, was becoming self-aware and unsatisfied with the limitations of controlling just the ENCOM mainframe.Despite being let go from the company, Flynn continued his search for proof that he created the video games that earned ENCOM so much money.It began hacking into outside systems and assuming the functions of the programs it found there.Still bored, and much to Dillinger's chagrin, it began making plans to hack into the Pentagon and Kremlin systems to take control of the world's two largest defense systems.ENCOM is an American multi-national computer technology corporation that developed many important programs and technologies such as digitization hardware and software, the MCP and Tron. In 1979, lead software engineer Kevin Flynn privately developed a set of five video games, including Space Paranoids and Matrix Blaster, while working nightshifts at ENCOM's offices.In the 1980s ENCOM was mainly focusing on defense systems, but quickly began focusing more on video games after the amazing success and profits produced by games such as Space Paranoids and Light Cycles. Before he could present the games to the company, however, another programmer, Ed Dillinger, hacked into Flynn's private memory file and stole the games.

Dillinger created an administrative program to control this mainframe. Development of MCP began as a chess program dating back to when Flynn was first with the company.

By 1982, ENCOM was operating in 30 different countries and was a leading research facility.