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13-Oct-2015 14:51

Offered by the Superchefs restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, this tempting stack of pure indulgence is called The ELVIS. This thing about Britney Spears getting married at Graceland is just hype.For one thing, she’s not yet officially engaged to boyfriend David Lucado.According to www,uk, this story happened in 1971 at the Las Vegas Hilton: “He had the penthouse – this was when he was at the top of his game.It contains 56 diamonds, including an 11.5 carat solitaire.Elvis paid ,000 for it in 1974, which would be 3,000 in today’s dollars.We haven’t done Mini-Nuggets in over two years, so I’m glad to have enough stuff in the files to do another one. Britney Spears to be Wed at Graceland – Don’t Bet On It: I haven’t seen Elvis’ face on a supermarket tabloid in years, so this one caught my eye.The ELVIS: My son took this photo before he polished off the stack of waffles with peanut butter, bananas, candied bacon, chocolate and caramel sauce. After a little checking, I think the outraged Elvis fans can probably cool it.

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Plus, she has not asked EPE or Lisa Marie if the wedding could take place at Graceland.

And finally, would they even say yes to such a request.