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Well, you better arrest yourself, officer, because you just stole my heart” (#nonprofitpickuplines, go make that trend on Twitter).But, you’ll only come off as creepy, and worse, you will jeopardize funding for your organization.Rule 4: Weigh the potential benefits to your organization when choosing whom to go out with.Sure, you may have kickass pickup lines like, “Does RFP stand for ‘Really Fine Person?’ You’re definitely an RFP to me” or “So, you’re a program officer, huh?Dozens of people have asked me to address dating within the nonprofit sector, and by dozens of people, I mean one drunk single person at a fundraising gala.

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Past coworkers may be OK, but only if they have moved outside the sector.Remember this phrase: “When in doubt, don’t ask ‘em out,” which has served me well and saved me from many, many dates throughout my life.Rule 3: Hell, don’t date current coworkers, clients, donors, board members, auditors, and volunteers.Past volunteers are OK, but make sure they don’t work for a nonprofit, so you don’t violate the Cardinal Rule.

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It’s not gold digging, it’s thinking of the children.Rule 2: No matter how radiant they are, never ask a program officer out who may fund your org.

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