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Hello friends, my name is Ankush and I am 47 years old now and working as engineer in a government firm. She was trying to escape but in this effort, I broke buttons of her blouse.I am a widower and my wife died due to her illness long time ago. Now, she could see her big boobs as we was not wearing bra inside.I am share an incident rather say sex incident with Anjali which happened long years ago. Her legs were in air now and she was throwing those up. I was playing with her now and I stood up and get close to her mouth and starting touching my dick on her lips. We got around 8 in evening and she cooked food for me and then we again had sex in night. And after that, I got transferred from there and we never met again.We have state tournament and we were spending good time in practice. I was feeling bore, so thought to make tea for you and myself? I pulled me up and said – please don’t do more now. She was not licking dick, so I kept my one legs on her lap and opened her mouth with one hand and pushed my dick inside her mouth.

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I was caption of team and Rajat was best center forward. She jumped like I pushed something really hot and put my tongue on her clit. This time, I had opened her butts in my hands ans was stroking hard and she was also taking my dick deep by moving her butts back and I fucked her for 20 minutes.So, on Sunday’s when we used to practice; my kids used to go to Anjali house. She was moaning loudly ahahahah ahahah ahhhhhhhh hmmmmm agaaaa oooooo she was breathing fast and very heavy and pulling my hairs. We both were tired and came in bedroom and slept nude.Rajat has only one daughter and she also studied in my elder kid’s class. My kids used to go to her house after school and came back when I got back to home. Her boob’s size was 36 and when she walk, her 38 sized bums shakes one by one. It was shock to her and she whispered aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooo aaaaaaa… Her legs were now on my back and she made it very tight. I came close to her and started rubbing my dick on her boobs and navel and dropped all my cum. so soft and then, I took her in my arm and we both went in shower.Rajat and his wife Anjali supported me well in my hard time. She also used to make tea for me when she made for Rajat after office. Rajat and I both were sport person and play football for company. I knew there were many men who used to see her and sometime say that I have an affair with her. I had not sex since many year after my wife gone and suddenly felt hornyness seeing her deep neck. Then a hot scene was on TV and we both were watching it without seeing each other. Anjali had a habit to close the door when she came to my house. I stood and sat next to her and put my hand on her lap. Then, I came down on my knee and opened her laps and now push my two fingers inside her pussy. Suddenly, I felt pressure for pee and I had been naughty and I peed on her. She was annoyed and then I put my lips on her lips. I cleaned her and then stand her against wall and opened her legs from behind and pushed my dick ones again in her cunt.

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These are society flat which was made only for our department. She was sounding annoyed but I was not listening her. She had lost the control and started rubbing her legs. I had removed my all clothes and also pulled her petikot out. I again took her other boob in my mouth and started sucking it. I was rubbing my fingers on her clit round – round – round like a clock. I saw She got slow and laied in comfortable position.

Rajat and I used to drink together on weekends and our families were also close friends. Simultaneously, I started rubbing her clit with my two fingers. She was dying with pleasure and pulling my hairs and sounding great. I had not come yet but I pulled out my dick out and started doing masturbation and when I released, I dropped my all cum on her navel.