Justin bieber dating waverly place

08-Jan-2015 04:53

' He's such a dork." She seems relad and genuinely happy, a marked contrast to the self-described "realistic" attitude she displayed during her first cover interview with two years ago.

Back then, Selena had recently split up with Nick Jonas, and she'd admitted, "Sometimes, when something is so nice and sweet, I just crush it.

They'll say, ' Your fans want this.' And it's frustrating because my fans are amazing: They love me, they support me. Offered the chance to elaborate on the origins of their relationship, she demurs, as she has in the past: "We've always been friends." last October, he mischievously suggested her as his ideal romantic-comedy costar.

"He'd say those things," she explains, laughing, "and then he'd be like, ' Did you hear?

I don't mean to, but I don't want to be let down.""When your heart is broken," she explains now, "you want to hate everything.

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(The collection, like her own wardrobe, tends toward the boho."I like flow-y, open clothes, rather than tight-fitting," she says, "although I'm getting a bit more confident in my skin."). They just want to get that shot." If she seems a little embattled—although not (yet) embittered—it might be because interest in Selena has spiked since she began dating Justin Bieber, aka America's boyfriend.