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Sumarwata and her family relocated to Melbourne and purposely moved near to the studio, so she could manage work and be close to her daughter.The actress stated that she was excited about the role, while the show's executive producer Richard Jasek commented "She's a wonderful actor and we think her character has so many exciting possibilities for us." Sumarwata made her debut screen appearance as Vanessa during the episode broadcast on 14 March 2012.

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The actress's casting was announced on 5 December 2011, though she began filming the week before.Vanessa later developed a relationship with Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber), became involved in a sham wedding storyline and gave birth to a son.She told Kilkelly "Everything happened so quickly and it coincided with the move from Sydney - it was very chaotic at first and it did take a while.I felt I was coming to work, then dashing back to the baby between scenes - very full on!

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Vanessa's first storyline saw her have a one-night stand with Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major), before falling pregnant.

Sumarwata thought the storyline was a great way to get viewers talking about the character.

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