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The regulatory version of sticking fingers in your ears and shouting “na na na.” However online communities like #hcsmanz (health care social media Australia & NZ) and blogs like Croakey started making some noise.I wondered about scabies or even possibly pruritis from some internal med issue.The story of the exposure to animals was interesting, but Dermnet NZ had said that animal mites do not infect humans.45 yo female presents with itchy arms and some sores all over them. Has already seen a GP one week prior who gave her some hydrocortisone cream, but this hasn’t helped. Questions below: What further history would you like? Mel Clothier of Green GP has listed some good points to cover on history, including some I should have asked.

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Then while waiting for a tram in Melbourne, I happened across the AHPRA draft social media policy.The tone was rather disappointing and it seemed as though the regulation body was looking to tightly regulate health professionals’ use of social media so that it would be rendered too risky to take part.