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In the last 2 years of Einstein's life the two met regularly for scientific discussions and even developed a personal friendship.

After Einstein's death Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision was found open on Einstein's desk.” .

today it is the largest agricultural development in northern Negeb.

I do not know whom I have to thank for intellectual preparedness for this reconstruction of ancient history if not my late father, Simon.” .

As a neuropsychologist, Velikovsky, early in his career, suggested that patients with seizure disorders (epilepsy) could be identified and categorized by their abnormal encephalograms.

He even became the founder and editor of the scholarly publication in which his father’s foundation supported, , the young Immanuel began to ponder the status of the universe as portrayed in the Hebrew texts of his forefathers.

was the remarkable imagery of red rivers, the blazing skies and pestilence sweeping the nations.

The imagery was so vivid that there appeared a special reality of literalness that was so antithetical to a world immersed in Darwinian uniformitarianism.

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He puzzled about the “pillar of fire” that became the symbol of the presence of the Divine One of Israel.Were these images truly literal and what extraordinary event could have been the vehicle that could have produced them?

Spending the night together is difficult as both live at home with their families.… continue reading »

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In 1974, Hawking proved that black holes emit particles, in the form of so-called Hawking radiation.… continue reading »

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In other words, these girls are here for the butterflies, and fingers crossed, the odd bit of romance!… continue reading »

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Because of this ..sometimes this results in intergenerational relationships that have both their benefits and concerns.… continue reading »

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