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30-Jun-2015 18:19

Donating won't get you anything special, other than a warm feeling inside, and possibly urge me to produce more freely available material for Webcam Capture project.

Click on the below link to download it:webcam-capture-0.3.10The latest development version JAR (aka SNAPSHOT) can be downloaded here.

If you have strong will, spare time, knownledge or even some small amount of money you would like to spent for good purpose you can help developing this awesome Webcam Capture API and make it even better!

Moreover, lately Jonathon Hare from Open IMAJ team, found a problem described in bridj #525 which causes problems on armhf architecture.

The latest stable version is available in Maven Central: directory).

The lates version (0.3.10) does not work on ARM just out of the box.

To make it working you need to replace version 0.6.2 of Brid J JAR by the 0.6.3-SNAPHOST or newer bridj-0.7-20140918.

Please visit this link if you don't know how to contribute to other's code at Github.People have expressed a wish to donate a little money.