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10-Aug-2016 11:03

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The app, titled “Nenshou” in Japanese, was originally released for the i Phone last December, followed by an Android version on April 15.

In “Burn Your Fat With Me,” players assume the role of an unassuming and out of shape young man who has just started high school.

You happen to be placed in the same class as your childhood friend Mayu Uehara, and after exchanging pleasentreis, she tells you she is worried that you’ve put on too much weight since she last saw you and suggests you go on a diet.

TOKYO — One of the most common applications of gamification — the process of applying game mechanics to a non-game context — is personal fitness.

Just take a look at the influx of fitness-centered smartphone apps or the popularity of websites like social network and online game Fitocracy, which motivates users to improve their fitness with stats tracking and digital rewards, and it’s clear that more and more people are switching from personal trainers to digital devices.