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She was one of many people who felt a strong emotional resonance with the song which the magazine ascribed to Susanna Clark: This is a woman who steadfastly believes in living in what she calls “the present moment,” and in pursuing “what arouses one’s desire.” And, as in childhood, music still motivates her.

You get the idea that this is going to be a good record from the very first cut, the mandolin-tinged “Come From The Heart,” with its delicious mandolin licks and uplifting message of unbridled spontaneity.

The important reference work “The Yale Book of Quotations” has an entry ascribing the lyrics to Clark and Leigh.

Click on the title of a finding aid to open it as a PDF.

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Alison Button Alison Smith Alison Offer Alison Ashman Alison Morgan Alison Lee Alison Smith Alison Buckland Alison Lynn Alison Carter Alison Moore Alison Bunce Alison Scott Alison Young Alison Magee Alison Dickinson Alison Bailey Alison Bray Alison Foster Alison Weston Alison Harrington Alison Mitchell Alison Ruscoe Alison Reeder Alison Jones Alison Bagnall Alix Kuklinska Alixandra Stevens Allanah Skuse Alleah Saunders Ally Bryant Ally Aujla Ally Wadeward Alyson Godman Alyson Kelly Amal Simpson Amanda Webb Amanda Fiander Amanda Mc Conaghy Amanda Kemp Amanda Hinton Amanda Allen Amanda Maskell Amanda Gilbert Amanda New Amanda Collins Amanda Barnett Amanda Joachim Amanda Temperton Amanda Church-coombs Amanda Telling Amanda Sykes Amanda Lawniczak Amanda Vincent Amanda Butterworth Amanda Bailey Amanda Wilkinson Amanda Taylor Amanda Mackie Amanda Mc Lachlan Amanda Johnson Amanda Durrant Amanda Gilroy-Smith Amanda Chapman Amanda Cook Amber Davies Amber Johnson Amber Neal Amber Ellsmore Amber Mortimer Amber Roberts Amber Bartlett Amelia Grimmett Amelia Bull Ami Swanborough Amie Rowe Amparo Torregrosa Amy Rich Amy Scott Amy Plested Amy Whetham Amy Howton Amy Francis Amy Cave-Ayland Amy Phillips Amy Yea Amy Hadland Amy Horwood Amy Allan Amy Mason Amy Hillier Amy Carden-Smith Amy Hillis Amy Rowland Amy Mead Amy Cullen Amy Heard Amy Ockenden Amy Bothwell Amy Theobald Amy Rowland Amy Marshall Amy Thompson Amy Corrie Amy Barnett Amy Harland Amy Sissons Amy Beavis Amy Gallimore Amy Harvey Amy Wallis Amy Turnbull Amy Burton Anabella Torchia Andrea Sihelova Andrea West Andrea O’Driscoll Andrea Newbury Aneta Welkier Angela Halliday Angela Sutherland Angela Armstrong Angela Flight Angela Edwards Angela Tanner Angela Chaplin Angela Sewell Angela D’Orsi Angela Bartlett Angela Reid Angela Hughes Angela Deadman Angela Edwards Angelika Davey Angelita Sullivan Angharad Baines Angharad Davies Angie Wright Ania Zolnierowicz Anita Gough Anita Hodgson Anji Savory Ann Ruck Ann Merry Ann Giles Ann Richardson Ann Marie Trigg Ann Marie Trigg Anna Redman Anna Taylor Anna Gell Anna Lawrence Anna Walker Anna Freebury Anna Wiltshire Anna Gerrish Anna Spooner Anna Somaiya-plummer Anna Broome Anna Reeves Anna Dick Anna Stephenson Anna Field Anna Jones Anna Bieda Annabel Campbell Annabel Brunt Annabella Pogorzelska Annabelle Ruggiero Anna-Jane Johnston Anne Harris Anne Robbins Anne Hacker Anne Galerin Anne High Anne Woodward Anne Wiltshire Annemarie Carey Annette Tyson Annette Harfield Annette Shakespeare Annette Lincoln Annie Allie Annie Shelton Annie Romain Annie Bullimore Annmarie Hawkins Annmarie Thouless Annmarie Musselwhite Ann-Marie Clayson Ann-marie Sealey Anthea Bray Anthea Randell Anthea Sanders Antje Pipitone Antoinette Gwillim Antonia Clarke Aparna Shintre Aprill Hill Ashleigh Mccarthy Ashleigh Cooper Ashlie Fleet Audra Wall Audrey Thompson Audrey Donaldson Auralie Dunster Autumn Townsend Avril Truman Avril Nash Avril Matavesi Azahara Gamez Barb Gardner Barbara Lobley Barbara Freeman Barbara Thomas Barbara Page Barbara Hunter Barbara Grillo Barbara Lafferty Barbara Mordak Barbara Mason Barbara Woodward Barbara Thomas Barbara Bennett Barbra Squire Becca Wheeler Beccy Nolan Beccy Richardson Beckie Perry Becky Waldron Becky Burberry Becky Willis Becky Lewis Becky Growcott Becky Lainton Becky Lee Becky Oldridge Becky Graham Becky Taylor Becky Matthews Becky Mcintyre Becky Gillett Becky North Becky Cador Becky Hartshorn Becs Sanchez Belinda Wiltshire Belinda Lennon Belinda Joyce Belinda Barnett Bella Wright Belle Sibunga Benitia Wright Bernadette Choong Bernadette King Beth Hale Beth Wright Beth Price Beth Bowden Beth Hill Beth Mason Beth Burgess Beth Parmenter Beth Robinson Beth Spearman Beth Sanderson Beth Graham Beth Whatley Beth Loveridge Beth Jewell Bethan Brown Bethan Vass Bethan Lee Bethanie Ponting Bethany Irving Bethany Eddolls Bethany Powell Bethany Waters Bethany Powell Bethany Fielding Bethany Singleton Bethany Walters Bethen Abraham Bev Richardson Bev Viveash Bev Rayers Beverley Cubbon Beverley Eyre Beverley Silvester Beverley Black Beverley Reid Beverley Walklett Beverley Williams Beverly Badminton Bex Castle Billie Stygall Billie-Jo Burberry Binu Rai Bobby Bailey Bobby Knowles Bonny Prim Brenna Price-Walker Bridie Kerrigan Brittany Osborne Bronwyn Jenkinson Bronwyn King Brooke Clark Bryony Bardwell Caitlin Brown Caitlin Hawker Caitlin Hawker Caitlin Mc Garry Caja Harris Camilla Gater Camilla Golding Camilla Fisher Candice Johnson Cara Kilian Caren Peters-horton Carina Rowland Carla Hoare Carla Merrett Carla Bodman Carla Adams Carla Allen Carla Howes Carla Nicholls Carla Forty Carly Langley Carly Francome Carly Bewley Carly Kearns Carly Weeks Carly Hayter Carly Foster Carly Tunmore Carly Crosbie Carmi Enriquez Carol Airey Carol Evans Carol Nash Carol King Carol Colman Carol Muir Carol Willis Carol Archer Carol Claridge Carol Brogden Carole Blake Carole Wardroper Carole Marrott Caroline Bowles Caroline Lowden Caroline Ardron Caroline Hampton Caroline Gray Caroline Catt Caroline White Caroline Taylor Caroline Jones Caroline Munro Caroline Bayram Caroline Knighton Caroline Thynne Caroline Prew Caroline Fruci Caroline Mason Caroline Hiscock Caroline Bevan Caroline Straw Caroline Haines Caroline Tandy Caroline Stead Caroline Whiting Caroline Beard Caroline Cryer Carolyn Blundell Carolyn Stewart Carolyn Marshall Carolyn Esmonde-White Carolyn Courtney Carolyn Stewart Carolyn Wright Carolynne Gibb Carolynne Pitt Carradine Spring Carrie Midwinter Carrie Roberts Carrie Rossiter Carrie Thomas Carrie Parker Cary Davey Cassandra Stillman Cassie Deverell Cat Rendell Catalina Matyasova Catarina Ashdown Cath Turner Cath Butt Catherine Liddiard Catherine Mann Catherine Queenan Catherine Wilkinson Catherine Bond Catherine Halls Catherine Vickery Catherine Garner Catherine Overton Catherine Southey Catherine Stephens Catherine Hobbs Catherine Bennett Catherine Eldred Catherine James Cathy Warner Cathy Lane Cathy Brown Catriona Taylor Cec Luttrell-Hunt Celine Delanaud Ceri Seal Cerys Britten Cerys King Cerys Boyd-cox Chantal Otley Chantal Haibatan Chantelle Woods Chantelle Midwinter-Toyne Chantelle Walker Chantelle Langley Chantelle Sole Char Wilkins Charlene Tomlinson Charlene Buckle Charley Bridgman Charley Wheeler Charley Reynolds Charley Moxham Charli Walker Charli Price-Walker Charlie Buttery Charlie Carter Charlotte Tilley Charlotte Phipps Charlotte West Charlotte Harding Charlotte Evans Charlotte Holloway Charlotte King Charlotte Kettle Charlotte Webb Charlotte Birch Charlotte Goddard Charlotte Bowles Charlotte Nash Charlotte Reid Charlotte Mclean Charlotte Thomas Charlotte Flannigan Charlotte Christopher Charlotte Powell Charlotte Wesson Charlotte Mc Laughlin Charlotte Simpkins Charlotte Roberts Charlotte Davies Charlotte Taylor Charlotte Green Charlotte Lewis Charlotte Newman Charlotte Willis Charlotte Dean Charlotte Jelley Charlotte Wigg Charlotte Connolly Charlotte Hemmings Charlotte Watson Charlotte Kent Charlotte Godwin Charlotte Hopkins Charmaine Davies Charmaine Smith Charmaine Durrant Charmaine Lees Chelsea Atkin Chelsea Parish Chelsee Bampton-ford Chelsey Murden Chelsey Curtis Cherel Black Cherry Ray Cheryl Parker Cheryl Heyne Cheryl Boulton Cheryl Candy Cheryl Allgrove Cheryl Smith Cheryl Kent Cheryl Smart Cheryl Edwards Cheryl West Cheryl Loxton Cherylin Hempleman Cheyenne Sutherland Chiarna Deller Chloe Day Chloe Ford Chloe Woolston Chloe Chidsey Chloe Coombs Chloe Sims Chloe Moon Chloe Gibbons Chloe Griffiths Chloe Orton Chloe Corrigan Chloe Flanagan Chloe Baker Chloe New Chloe Bidmead Chloe Mort Chloe Hordle Chloe Lincoln Chloe Singfield Chloe Thomas Chloe Ward Chloe Woodcock Chloe-Ann Scrivens Chris Brewer Chris Woodward Chris Carter Chrissy Taylor Christie Hill Christie Hughes Christina Newton Christina Wilson Christina Stephens Christina O’Brien - Noyes Christina Kenton Christine O’rourke Christine Hunt Christine Barnes Christine Singh Christine Dawkins Christine Wesson Christine Legg Christine Middleton Christine Arthur Christine Thorn Christine Cole Christine Lancaster Christley Rigby Cilla Neale Cindy Matthews Cinzia Craighero Clair Winfield Clair Surridge Clair Berry Clair Natt Clair Chase Claire Carley Claire Newbury Claire Washbrook Claire Carter Claire Charlesworth Claire Odwyer Claire Sheppard Claire Court Claire Way Claire Piper Claire Lavender Claire Bouverie-Brine Claire Eacott Claire Elphick Claire Stewart Claire Harris Claire Evans Claire Aldred Claire Westlake-Tritton Claire Brownson Claire Heaton Claire Worship Claire Birt Claire Mitchell Claire Brettle Claire Lawson Claire Fleming Claire Giles Claire Chapman Claire Peters Claire Millwaters Claire Defty Claire Smith Claire Currie Claire Watts Claire Long Claire Gordon Claire Maher Claire Brownson Claire Wilson Claire Kennaby Claire Tyas Claire Shackcloth Claire Mobbs Claire Barron Claire Malcolm-Smith Claire Holloway Claire Braker Claire Taylor Claire Watts Claire Garrett Claire Thomas Claire Birt Claire Clutterbuck Claire Marsh Claire Dale Claire Jones Claire Rumbold Claire Avis Claire Adams Claire Chard Claire Vaughan-watkins Claire Todd Claire Puttick Claire Davis Claire Jones Claire South Claire Louise Shearan Clare Guyver Clare Hinder Clare Harris Clare Hudd Clare Barnett Clare Rich Clare Lafferty Clare Young Clare Winsor Clare Bonser Clare Strange Clare Ralph Clare Williams Clare Rose Clare Porter Clare Phillips Clare Richardson Clare Smith Clare Carroll Clare Keighley-Hedges Clare Howard Clare Cresdee Clare Grant Clarice Smith Clarissa Morris Claudia Bakeev Claudia Hobbs Claudia Burkhardt Coleen Simpkins Coline Quilter Connie Larcombe Connie Browne Corinne Denise Weaver Courtney Baker Crystal Maggott Dagmara Luzniakowska Daisy Jenkins Daisy Manley Daksha Jobanputra Dana Rankin Dana Ellis Dani Frith Daniela Zarola Danielle Carley Danielle Murtagh Danielle Sudworth Danielle Little Danielle Smith Danielle Atkenson Danielle Jones Danielle Marsh Danielle Brooks Danielle Sweeney Danielle Reid Danielle Sones Danielle Bowsher Danielle Brewer Danielle Bird Danika Cripps Danka Nedbaljukova Danka Warmboys Davina Adams Davina Gardner Dawn Taylor Dawn Duke Dawn Evans Dawn Walker Dawn Eltham Dawn Taylor Dawn Jordan Dawn Sexstone Dawn Harrison Dawn Beynon Dawn Rossiter Dawn Hoad Dawn Smith Dawn Coster Dawn Robbins Dayane Arebalo Dayna Fenn Deana Huckvale Deanna Clare Deb Hutchinson Debbi Milne Debbie Ash Debbie Ramsay Debbie Brown Debbie Hughes Debbie Leonard Debbie Brown Debbie Jackson Debbie Matthews Debbie Goodwin Debbie Enright Debbie Gill Debbie Sexton Debbie Rose Debbie Thorne Debbie Byrne Debbie Entwistle Debbie Turnell Debbie Searle Debbie Golding Debbie Dicken Debbie Clark Debbie Clark Deborah Prichard Deborah Mitchell Deborah Larcombe Deborah Clark Deborah Phair Deborah Staite Deborah Wyatt Deborah Scarlett Deborah Thompson Deborah Walton Deborah Mc Kinna Deborah Lucas Deborah Gayfer Deborah Ward Deborah Thompson Debra Morse Debra Williams Debra Fairbrother Deirdre Price Delfina Jankowska Della Rowland Denise Lewis Denise Lishman Denise Haddrell Denise Whitehead Denise Logan Denise Gallagher Denise Taylor Denise Mcateer Denise Yates Denise Taylor-silk Denise Pearce Denise Mills Denise Jones Devon Crayford Dharmishta Hadani Diana Oliveira Diana Paradise-Kersey Diane Mulgrew Diane Puffett Diane White Diane Coote Diane Allen Diane Lancaster Diane Gamble Diane Ockwell Diane White Diane Heath Diane Frith Diane Scarrott Dianne Lane Dionne Joyce Doddy Thompson Dominika Wacniak Donna Mitchell Donna Goddard Donna Parkin Donna Clarke Donna Clements Donna Jackson Donna Boulton Donna Cole Donna Ensor Donna Bull Donna Gray Donna Royal Donna Major Donna Hawkins Donna Woodcock Donna Giddings Donna Egbeare Donna Williams Donna Gleeson Donna Harris Donna Walshe Donna Willis Donna Moore Donna Fitchett Donna O’Sullivan Donnna Powell Doreen Wheeler Dorena Harris Dorinda Moffatt Doris Fletcher Dot Horwat Edith Daphne Kibermane Eg Gledhill Eileen Mazaheri Elaine Cook Elaine Middleton Elaine Goodwin Elaine Young Elaine Pearce Elaine Lawrenson Elaine Wrobel Elaine Hortop Elaine Edwards Eleanor Swatridge Eleanor Tucker Eleanor Phillips Eleanor Tarjanyi Eleanor Sanville Elisabeth Jones Elishua West Elizabeth Mann Elizabeth Haddrell Elizabeth Evans Elizabeth Wicks Elizabeth Griffiths Elizabeth Kelly Elizabeth House Elizabeth Dabner Elizabeth Armstrong Ella Caldwell Ellen Townsend Ellen Anstee Ellen Cleary Ellen Lango Ellen Logan Ellie Rymkiewicz Ellie Thurlow Ellie Maynard Ellie Spanswick Ellie Manning Ellie Brown Elly Dowell Elly Norris Eloise Birkett Eloise Owen Eloise Robinson Elspeth Murano Emeline Goodall Emilia Mundy Emily Davies Emily Wiseman Emily Harris Emily Ponzio Emily Self Emily Livsey Emily Moon Emily Willcocks Emily Morter Emily Hale Emily Bryant Emily Mac Auley Emily Rogers Emily Jarrett Emily Hillier Emily Whittle Emily Stratford Emily Smith Emily Restall Emily-Jade Ruddle Emm Peace Emma Allen Emma Peacock Emma Weston Emma Squire Emma Roberts Emma White Emma Skuse Emma Little Emma Hanlon Emma Freemantle Emma Lambourne Emma Farncombe Emma Van Leer Emma Nelson Emma Blake Emma Brooks Emma Taylor Emma Haskins Emma Paterson Emma Liddington Emma Mullard Emma Diprose Emma Matthews Emma Northway Emma Bye Emma Pocock Emma Johnston Emma Holland Emma Johnstone Emma Van Leer Emma Masterman Emma Dalby Emma Howells Emma Read Emma Norton Emma Chapman Emma Dunkley Emma Quick Emma Rose Emma Daniels Emma Ma Emma Brice Emma Crossley Emma George Emma Rowlings Emma Hunt Emma Cashin Emma Allen Emma Davenport Emma Hicks Emma Sharps Emma Clements Emma Bridgman Emma Paris Emma Forbes Emma Harding Emma Carter Emma Whitby Emma Ward Emma Berry Emma Witts Emma Bennett Emma Sandys Emma Mather Emma Mac Kinnon-Pattison Emma Morris Emma Milliner Emma May Emma Mc Gladdery Emma Kershaw Emma Welburn Emma Holland Emma Wright Emma Barnard Emma Scott Emma Matlock Emma Davies-Emms Emma Deadman Emma Stead Emma Spurling Emma Johnson Emma Payne Emma Craig Emma Whiting Emma-Jayne Dyer Emma-louise Thorne Emmeline Hamson Emmeline Maline Enya Phillips Erica Mujo Erika Reti Erin Hardie Erin Masters Erin Reeves Erin Mc Cubbin Esme Gibbons Esther Mabey Esther Wilkinson Esther Kitching Eva Wells Eve Webster Eve Hatton Evelyn Hodgson Evie Bate Fabiana Moroni Faith Johnson Fatima Pedra Fay Pearce Fay Reeves Faye Stubbs Fern Thomas Ffion Harding Fi Mac Donald Fiona Brooking Fiona Krzywiec Fiona Foster Fiona Watkinson Fiona Tranmer Fiona Adams Fiona Reed Fiona Seagroatt Fiona Gardner Fiona Kellow Fionnghuala Brown Fleur Grutzmacher Fliss Thomson Flow Field Fran Carey Fran May Fran Woolhouse Franca Gavin Francesca Robinson Francesca Robinson Francesca Vickers Franky Wicks Freya Binnie Freya Blankenstien Fruzsina Szechi Gabby Nutley Gabrielle Morrison Gaenor Belt Gail Folland Gail Murray Gail Brooks Gail Kitley Gail Stranks Garima Basu Gaye Blackmore Gayle Cope Gemma Trotman Gemma Foster Gemma Rolls Gemma Watt Gemma Waldron Gemma Catheline Gemma Hall Gemma Baker Gemma Waters Gemma Hunt Gemma Anstey Gemma Elliot Gemma Gibbs Gemma Waldron Gemma Cook Gemma Ledamun Gemma Orankan Gemma Hannath Gemma Phillips Gemma Hartshorn Gemma Williams Gemma Smith Gemma Beardsley Gemma Mulcock Gemma Wedge Gemma Butler Gemma Walton Gemma Scrase Gemma Nash Gemma Rowden Gemma Scarisbrick Gemma Day Gemma Mumford Gemma Hancock Gemma Reeves Gemma Gulliver Gemma Lofthouse Georgia Mew Georgia Morley Georgia Mundy Georgia Kenneford Georgia Hooker Georgia Hastings Georgie Richardson Georgina Brown Georgina James Georgina Morgan-Denn Georgina Mason Georgina Tizard Georgina Green Georgina Rath Georgina Brain Georgina Perkins Georgina Colman Georgina Leach Georgina Ashworth Georgina Elbrow Georgina Wynne Georgina Elsender Geraldine Brown Geraldine Jennings Gill Bennett Gill May Gill Douglas Gillian Gibson-Piggott Gillian Cullen Gillian Fulford Gillian Hatton Gillian Gray Gillian Taylor Ginette Cottrell Ginette Cottrell Ginette Alexander Glenys Gingell Gloria Lane Gloria Lane Gloria Westbrok Gnanamalar Waters Gomathi Ramalingam Gosia Szymanska Grace Burscough Grace Steckerl Grace Dabner Grace Henner Grace Curtis Grace Eccles Grazia Elsehimy Gursharan Grewal Gwen Connor Gwen Griffiths Haley Roberts Halle Gordon-Jeary Hana Dobb Hana Patten Hanna Crook Hannah Bexon - Shaw Hannah Kellitt Hannah Ingram Hannah Humphrey Hannah Moccia Hannah Pearce Hannah Liebenhals Hannah Griffiths Hannah Brock-Hoskins Hannah Marchant Hannah Hyde Hannah Puffett Hannah Sharples Hannah Batten Hannah James Hannah Evans Hannah Wakley Hannah Dancey Hannah Milsom Hannah Bailey Hannah Clark Hannah Egerton Hannah King Hannah Anderson Hannah Thomas Hannah Baty Hannah Farr Hannah Waller Hannah Enderby Hannah Bushnell Hannah Broadbent Hannah Gulliver Hannah Airey Hannah Waite Hannah Sheppard Hannah Gordon Hannah Dickinson Hannah Townsend Hannah Morgan Hannah-Marie Steele Harminder Khaira Harriet Skehan Harriet Knowles Harriet Elsender Harriet Edwards Harriett Bigwood Harsha Jobanputra Hayley Woods Hayley Goldstone Hayley Sarbutts Hayley Slaymaker Hayley Davis Hayley Woodhall Hayley Neate Hayley Murdoch Hayley Quick Hayley Jenkins Hayley Mathieson Hayley Dugard Hayley Warren Hayley Davies Hayley Mc Gowan Hayley Milner-Smith Hayley Heron Hayley Rowland Hayley Hunt Hayley Patterson Hayley Fear Hayley Anderson Hayley Griffiths Hayley Giddings Hayley Read Hayley Kimber Hayley Tanner Hayley Ridgewell Hayley Meer Hayley Truemam Hayley Bodman Hazel Cripps Hazel Collins Hazel Mac Donald-Ingle Hazel Hamilton Hazel Buckland Heather Wheeler Heather Ponting-Bather Heather Liley Heather Cashin Heather Lane Heather Drinnan Heather Marshall Heather Cashin Heather Durham Heather Woolford - Butler Heather Parry Heidi Stockhill Heidi Robbins Heidi Ball Heidi Hayward Heidi Fisher Heidi Russell Heidi Burgess Heidi Legg Helen Stroud Helen Newton Helen Roberts Helen Bissex Helen Roberts Helen Clayton Helen Wraight Helen Pearson Helen Bussey Helen Spring Helen Moscrop Helen Wright Helen Osborne Helen Rowlatt Helen Hewlett Helen Martin Helen Jarvis Helen Inglis Helen Cogan Helen Cecil Helen Johnson Helen Goode Helen Lines Helen Krawczyk Helen Bint Helen Cooper Helen Poole Helen Weedon Helen Oliver Helen Scott Helen Thorogood Helen Royle Helen Butler Helen Todd Helen Rankin Helen Viveash Helen Thomas Helen Mattingley Helen Broadfoot Helen Skuse Helen Twiss Helen Scarisbrick Helen Brown Helen Corrie Helen Singfield Helen Phillips Helen Gray Helen Davies Helen Hilton Helen Kent Helen South Helena Crinks Helrn Lucas Hermione Lee Hilary Devine Hilary Williams Hilary Twentyman Hilary Beach Hilary Hughes Hilde De Stecker Hollie Nash Hollie Gibson Hollie Orsi Hollie Willocks Hollie Medd Hollie Gilbert Holly Murray Holly Perrett Holly Green Holly Redwood Holly Woodridge Holly Brown Holly Charlwood Holly Thomas Hope Jack Hope Williams Hope Meredith Idalina Azevedo Ilona Adu-Gyamfi Imogen Groves Imogen Johnson Imogen Gray Irena Wilson Irene O’brien-jones Iris Wedge Isha Balogun Izimae Wilkes Jac Chaimongkol Jackie Phillips Jackie Rose Jackie Mc Cutcheon Jackie Fitzgerald Jackie Evans Jackie Griffin Jackie Milne Jackie Wheeler Jackie Harrison Jackie Garfoot Jackir Lawrence Jacky White Jacky Barnes Jacky Haigh Jacqueline Mcgurty Jacqueline Willcocks Jacqueline Kadis Jacqueline Fox Jacqui Stammers Jacqui Lawson Jacqui Jones Jacqui Mudhar Jade Mildenhall Jade Dando Jade Blow Jade White Jade Sutherland Jade Sealey Jade Whittaker Jade Turner Jade Dance Jade Ward Jade Cox Jade Allen Jade Ball Jaime Jack Jaime Gray Jamie Smutek Jan Miller Jan Oakman Jan Eltringham Jan Lewis Jana Jaceckova Jane Atkin Jane Law Jane Gazely Jane Oliver Jane List Jane Kemp Jane Crouch Jane Smith Jane Jones Jane Hargreaves Jane Parker Jane Fitches Jane Gilbert Jane Spencer Jane Collins Jane Bristow Jane Moore Jane Jennings Janet Sprules Janet Nelson Janet Cole Janet Burchell Janet Richens Janet Davenport Janet Cashin Janette Cooper Janette Ray Janice Clay Janice Harris Janice Stockham Janie Pengilly Janine Scarlett Janine Thompson Janine Addison Janis Bulpitt Jannine Lakin Jardine Jones Jas Mander Jasmine Swatton-Andrews Jasmine Begum Jasmine Hartshorn Jayne Wells Jayne Attwood Jayne Dowell Jayne Pearson Jayne Edwards Jayne Harewood Jayne Tucker Jayne Cheseldine Jayne Smith Jayne Wojtowicz Jean Rawlings Jean Baker Jean Gibbs Jean Kilford Jean Richens Jean Barnett Jeanette Burton Jeanette Haig Jemma Wilson Jemma Morrison Jemma Haycocks Jemma Baker Jen Hykin Jen Simpson Jen Young Jeni Harrison Jeni Bone Jenna Keene Jenna Hawkins Jenna Boyd Jenna Baldwin Jenna Young Jenna Hagan Jenni Whatley Jenni Lord Jenni Reynolds Jenni Telling Jennie Mullervy Jennie Sabat Jennifer Snell Jennifer Adams Jennifer Wells Jennifer Jones Jennifer Muskin Jennifer Wise Jennifer Laibach Jennifer Hall Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Pollard Jennifer Gilbert Jennifer Horn Jennifer Bicknell Jennifer Glancy Jennifer Arlott Jennifer Fletcher Jennifer Broley Jennifer-Rose Evans Jenny Hulse Jenny Smith Jenny Kinnett Jenny Kirk Jenny Gaunt Jenny Churches Jenny Ward Jenny Davy Jenny Fleming Jenny Jones Jenny Elmes Jenny Williams Jenny Pegler Jenny Rispin Jenny Bird Jenny Snook Jenny Bohane Jenny Gray Jenny Preece Jenny Mcintyre Jenny Churches Jess Gzowska Jess Bain Jess Clarke Jess Thick Jess Sheppard Jessi Newman Jessica Bohane Jessica Gough Jessica Brown Jessica Eggleton Jessica Masone Jessica David Jessica Evans Jessica Mitchell Jessica Owen Jessica Offer Jessica Harvey Jessica Lampard Jessica Davies Jessica Worthington Jessica Marshall Jessica Weeks Jessica Dyer Jessica Clarkson Jessica Prophet Jessica Trewin Jessica Brain Jessica Hurst Jessica Phillips Jessica Field Jessica Sanderson Jessica Snelling Jessica Owen Jessica Williams Jessica Worthington Jessica Halden Jessica Harland Jessie Loveless Jeyamangalam Baghirathan Jez Hargreaves Jill Harvey Jill Fuller Jill Cross Jill Watts Jill White Jo Dixon Jo Barber Jo Ratcliffe Jo Geraghty Jo Edwards Jo Davies Jo Allen Jo Watson Jo Barratt Jo Davies Jo Archer Jo Jarvis Jo Ellis Joan Dunn Joanna White Joanna Tudor Joanna Johnson Joanna Lucas Joanna Sharp Joanna Hughes Joanna Hall Joanne Moore Joanne Morrell Joanne Lovell Joanne Stillman Joanne Wallace Joanne Grainger Joanne Flowers Joanne Kennedy Joanne Enderby Joanne Oldridge Joanne Brown Joanne Thomas Joanne Osborn Joanne Oliver Joanne Bendell Joanne Montgomery Joanne Watts Joanne Allbright Joanne Allbright Joanne Williams Joanne Farrall Joanne Coward Joanne Hursey Joanne Mcgladdery Joanne Ryall Joanne Stone Joanne Hosmer Joanne Ruddle Jodi Brown Jodi Dodds Jodie Manners Jodie Woolhouse Jodie Smart Jodie Elms Jodie Hargreaves Jodie Woolhouse Jodie Cannings Jodie Baldwin Jodie Cleeves Jodie Baker Jodie Tucker Jody Murphy Jody Leahy Jody Jefferies Joely Reed Johanna Wilson Joja Priehodova Jolene Smith Jordan Hillier Josephine Dancey Josie Mcgregor Josie Strawbridge Josie Reynolds Josie Singleton Joy Weeks Joy Archer Jude Whitaker Jude Perrott Jude Reynolds Judith Baxter Judith Spencer Judith Scutt Judy Stevens Jules Brogan Jules Arnold-Bryant Julia Phillips Julia Sharp Julia King Julia Dubrie Julia Hadland Julia Haskell Julia Foster Julia Hudd Julia Adams Julia Cooper Julia Smith Julia Davidson Julia Corbett Julia Tuffs Julia Hole Julie Brown Julie Lebenhals Julie Evans Julie Mclaren Julie Clark Julie Gardiner Julie Moulton Julie Kirk Julie Taylor Julie Jones Julie Wells Julie Goss Julie Holland Julie Valters Julie Shaw Julie Barrett Julie Withington Julie Churchill Julie Titchener Julie Penhaligon Julie Prowse Julie Newman Julie Jones Julie Newbold Julie Wiseman Julie Stanley Julie Halliwell Julie Saunders Julie Livingston Julie Bhardwaj Julie Franklin Julie Hannis Julie Dibley Julie Silk Julie Wybrow Julie Long Julie Bristow Julie Wall JULIE GILBERT Julie-anne Edwards Juliet Bound Juliet Harris Juliet Wright Justine Rachael Justine Kordula Justine Slaney Justine Bullock Kaeomy Street Kalpana Tanna Kara Sydney-Smith Karan Brice Karen Manktelow Karen Sercombe Karen Mcquillan Karen Harris Karen Privett Karen Liddell Karen Parkin Karen Evans Karen Yeo Karen Barker Karen Rogers Karen Ferris Karen Skuse Karen Gwynne-Lyons Karen Manning Karen King Karen Hughes Karen Iles Karen Dagger Karen Brown Karen Fernandes Karen Underwood Karen Wilkinson Karen Hanks Karen Yeo Karen Hinder Karen Keenan Karen Chalk Karen Foard Karen Manders Karen Goodman Karen Weedon Karen Smith Karen Ridley Karen Dunn Karen Wilson Karen Gregory Karen Peck Karen Horan Karen King Karen Stratford Karen Symmonds Karen Cole Karen Colley Karen Downes Karen Mc Cabe Karen D’arcy Karen Thrush Karen Valdez Karien White Karina Ruzaite Karli Knowles Karolina Zajac Karon Coxhead Karon Egerton Kat Greenfield Kat Norton Kate Mitchell Kate Webster Kate Mcphedran Kate Griffin KATE SPRING Kate Taylor Kate Macmichael Kate Beasant Kate Wright Kate Birmingham Kate Mottram Kate Joyce Kate Crutcher Kate Thomas Kate Munton Kate Mularczyk Kate Shearing Kate Proudlove Kate Bodman Kate Longhurst Kate Hopkins Kate Walker Kate Pawlak Kate Benson KATE HACKMAN Kate Rookes Kate Hoggett Kate Moir Kate Mc Gladdery Kate Marland Kate John Kate Mackinnon Kate Rogers Kate Kajdy Kath Curr Kath Levitt Katharine Cole Katharine Dicken Katherine Read Katherine Raikes Katherine Smart Katherine Smith Katherine Porter Katherine Dixon Kathleen Ornsby Kathleen Scott Kathryn Barker Kathryn Rich Kathryn Reade Kathryn Tough Kathryn Woodhouse Kathryn Tinson Kathryn Partington Kathryn Dougherty Kathryn Noon Kathryne Fuller Kathy Hall Kathy Carter Katie Wellsbury Katie Essex Katie Davey Katie Goucher Katie Lambert Katie Visser Katie White Katie Wellsbury Katie Reynolds Katie Moody Katie Wellsbury Katie Hewlett Katie Lewis Katie Jackson Katie Wiltshire Katie Shaw Katie Cheney Katie Ashton Katie Houldcroft Katie Lander Katie Deller Katie Harwood Katie Godfrey Katie Parmenter Katie Richards Katie Cook Katie Mettam Katie Judd Katie Waller Katie Court Katie Savory Katie Hayward Katie Shannahan Katie Briscoe Katie Hawkins Katie Bayly Katie Loveridge Katie Jade Chapman Katrien Vermeeren Katrina Bond Katrina Purell Katy Golden Katy Quick Katy Wise Katy Nickless Katy Hateley Katya Mc Kenna Katzrzyna Kasprzyk Kay Seymour Kay Pasture Kay Winstanley Kay Weller Kay Hawker Kay Dickinson Kaydie Harris Kaye Hewitt Kaylee Herbert Kayleigh Bridgman Kayleigh Steward Kayleigh Hayton Kayleigh Williams Kayleigh Dunsby Kayleigh Wall Kayleigh Clarke Kayleigh Maher Kayleigh Connolly Kayleigh Wilson Kayleigh Wodhouse Kayleigh Bartlett Kayley Curtis Kel Halfon Kelcie Innes Keli Smith Kellie Fielding Kellie Wiblin Kelly Nelson Kelly Styles Kelly Pursey Kelly Cottrell Kelly Preston Kelly Roze Kelly Winley KELLY WELLS Kelly O’Dwyer Kelly Stevens Kelly Brooks Kelly Hawkins Kelly Brown Kelly Evans Kelly Gallagher Kelly Holmes Kelly Brewer Kelly Shelford Kelly Phillips Kelly Chatfield Kelly Coxhead Kelly Shepherd Kelly Langley Kelly Vaughan Kelly Brown Kelly Stepp Kelly Batchelor Kelly Estarbrook Kelly Fortey Kelly Roze Kelly Browner Kelly Jones Kelly Mccomb Kelly Wills Kelly Venn Kelly Wilkins Kelly Pickett Kelly Donald Kelly Pilson Kelly Lappin Kelsey Bird Kelsie Davis Keren Stratford Kerri Frost Kerri Birkett Kerrie Braine Kerrie Bishop Kerry Symons Kerry Lillycrop Kerry Outlaw Kerry Pimble Kerry Cheeseman Kerry Gardner Kerry Perkins Kerry Barrass Kerry Zelley Kerry Spiers Kerry Hurst Kerry Smith Kerry Burks Kerry Puffitt Kerry Glendenning Kerry Mc Dermott Kerry Griffiths Kerry Hinns Kerry Abbott Kerry Tamlyn Kerry-Ann Burton Khyati Bailey Kiara Wakeley Kim Carnell Kim Way Kim Hayter Kim Weller Kim Jenkins Kim Richardson Kim Forster Kim Grimmer Kim Jones Kim Chequer Kim Miles Kim Walker Kim Belcher Kim Hallett Kim Plumstead Kim Chard Kim Taylor Kim Lusty Kim Symons Kimberley Eve Kimberley Richards Kimberley Arthur Kimberley Smith Kimberley Romain Kimberley Goodall Kimberley Dolby Kimberley Smith Kimberley Newbold Kimberley Watts Kimberly Blackman Kimberly Van Der Vegt Kira Gunning Kiri Davies Kirsten Crawford Kirstie Beazley Kirstie Hayward Kirsty Roberts Kirsty Lewis Kirsty Mason Kirsty Waite Kirsty Bragg Kirsty Horwat Kirsty Owen Kirsty Warren Kirsty Law Kirsty Mathis Kirsty Tunmore Kirsty Manson Kirsty Warren Kirsty Richards Kirsty Camden Kirsty Cook Kirsty Owen Klaudia Richardson Komal Patel Konstantina Paroussi Koren Antoni Kourtney Beckwith Krista Sullivan-Webb Kristi Wallace Kristine Mc Donald Kristy Rowland Kuldeep Bruce Kusum Khaira Kylie Chivers Kylie Murphy Kyra Wilson Kyra Edgington Laerke Pickering Thomasen Laerke Pickering Thomasen Laina Storey Laksami Osborne Lalage Smy Lara Howlett Lara Goddard Lara Brain Lara Moyse Laura Murkin Laura Osullivan Laura Allison Laura Kirk Laura Donnelly Laura Wills Laura Edwards Laura Barker Johnson Laura Reynolds Laura Fitzgerald Laura Dornan Laura Chartres Laura Alldritt Laura Rothwell Laura Sawyer Laura Belcher Laura Cairns Laura Ross Laura O’daly Laura Mc Clean Laura Hammond Laura Hotchkiss Laura Sharp Laura Smith Laura Alldritt Laura Colledge Laura Rothwell LAURA WHITBY Laura Morris Laura Ness Laura Harper Laura Edmondson Laura Boyd Laura Bull Laura Edwards Laura Hodgson Laura Beach Laura Ebbrell Laura Bodman Laura Graham Laura Gillett Laura Pummell Laura Poulsom Laura Worley Laura Johnson Laura Hammersley Laura Scrivens Laura Vincent Laura Jenkins Laura Venn Laura O’Mahony LAURA SISSONS Laura Usher-Bastar Laura Cador Laura Philpott Laura Murray Laura Daniels Laura Wall Laura Summers Laurel Hunt Lauren Waldron Lauren Taylor Lauren Chivers Lauren Ritchie Lauren Crouch Lauren Turner Lauren Wright Lauren Waters Lauren Smith Lauren White Lauren Hughes Lauren Price Lauren Cunningham Lauren Baldwin Lauren Fletcher Lauren Ritchie Lauren Smith Lauren Wilkins Lauren Martin Lauren Dibling Laurie Chapman Lauryn Bentham Lavaine Tangunan Layla Parsons Leah Burt Leah Tywunka Leah Mc Kinna Leah Chandler Leah Brooke Leah Frost Leah Waller Leah Meredith Leah-Dee Wheatley Leanda Smart Leane Rogers Leanne Taylor Leanne Green Leanne Jarvis Leanne Holbrow Leanne Walton Leanne Matthews Leanne Collins Leanne Roberts Leanne Crook Leanne Rouse Leanne Hollinshead Leanne Johnson Lee Harris Lee Bezzant Leeann Underwood Leigh Taylor Leigh Thompson Leigh Waite Leighann Newitt Leisa Watson Leisa Cox Leola Laubscher Leonie Nesbitt Leonna Taylor Lesley Tylee LESLEY PAWLAK Lesley Greensmith Lesley Hopkins Lesley Johnstone Lesley Kershaw Lesley Rowsell Lesley Vallance Lesley Bewey Lesley Harris Lesley Fisk Lesley Evans Lesley Sheppard Lesley Halden Leslie Boyd-cox Levi Stevens Lianne Cudbertson LIANNE WHITE Libby Deller Libby Cassidy Lidia Gerrish Liliana Narciso Lilly Thompson Lily Coady-Mayall Lin Harding Lin Adams Linda Moyce Linda Jones Linda Hudd Linda Foote Linda Legg Linda Tenuta Linda Bedwell Linda Clark Linda Powell Linda Aldridge Linda Baxter Linda Hargreaves Linda Robinson Linda Little Linda Lewis Linda New Linda Hall Linda Woodward Linda Hancock Linda ann Mathews Lindsay Cracknell Lindsay Gilder Lindsay Trusson Lindsey Winter Lindsey Croom Lindsey Vaughan-Lewis Lindsey Morris Lindsey Uppington Lindsey Hutchison Lindsey Wright Lisa Simmonds Lisa Hughes Lisa Carter Lisa Mc Laughlin Lisa Davies Lisa Cook Lisa Thompson Lisa Cook Lisa Philpott Lisa East Lisa Poole Lisa Smith Lisa Robson Lisa Aldred Lisa Atkins Lisa Ellis Lisa Wright Lisa Palmer Lisa Reed Lisa Haddrell Lisa Clements Lisa Chapman Lisa Jones Lisa Dicks Lisa Kershaw Lisa Hunt Lisa Martin Lisa Ryan Lisa Simmons Lisa Willoughby Lisa Kershaw Lisa Scisci Lisa Hearn Lisa Farrell Lisa Strode Lisa Purbrick Lisa Thompson Lisa Doole Lisa Benge Lisa Keenan Lisa Hume Lisa Savory Lisa Martindale Lisa Edmondson Lisa Seddon Lisa Harflett Lisa Lockey Lisa Winsbury Lisa Redman Lisa Mcleod Lisa Shipway Lisa Aldred Lisa Hawkins Lisa Reason Lisa Hill Lisa Jenkins Lisa Millin Lisa Hall Lisa Matthews Lisa Cherry Lisa Randall Lisa Bennett Lisa Rutter Lisa Bratton Lisa-Marie Byfield LIUDMYLA BASETSKA Liz Chadwick Liz Port Liz Sawle Liz Lynch Liz Kilgour Liz Aldred Liz Jordan Liz Arklie Liz Snashall Liz Swindall Liz Court Liz Kelly Liza Russell Lizzie Hearne Lizzie Glover Lizzie Dicken Lizzy Piper Lois Franklin Loraine Coward Loraine Vizor Lorna King Lorna Smith Lorna Slade Lorna Jones Lorna Havill Lorraine Duck Lorraine Davies Lorraine Heath Lorraine Martin Lorraine Bailey Lorraine Fleming Lorraine Hall Lorraine Packer Lorraine Mitchell Lorraine Simpson Lorraine Fleming Lorraine Kuchta Lorraine Lovegrove Lorraine Dickson Lorraine Hibberd Lorraine O’connor Lorraine Hammersley Lorraine Wadley Lorraine Manser Lou Flaviani Lou Smiles Lou Gray Lou Knight Louisa Steel Louisa Jones Louisa Bowden Louisa Watts Louisa White Louise Robins Louise Campbell Louise Smith Louise Mauree Louise Murray-clarke Louise Sanderson Louise Fremlin Louise Hitchcox Louise Smith Louise New Louise Abrey Louise Butterworth Louise Stribling Louise Thompson Louise Aries Louise Bell Louise Mason Louise Callcut Louise Preece Louise Carroll Louise Roche Louise Swatton Louise Durling Louise Lockey Louise Montgomery Louise Hawley Louise Savory Louise Foley Louise Buckland Louise Read Louise Smith Louise Loveridge L’Tasha Robins Lucie Purdy Lucinda Perrett Lucy Mc Abendroth Lucy Brown Lucy Carson Lucy Dickinson Lucy Clayton Lucy Croucher Lucy Finch Lucy Aylward Lucy Field Lucy Simpson Lucy Sturgess Lucy Evans Lucy Chaston Lucy Spencer Lucy Hunter Lucy Alford Lucy Hamilton Lucy Levy Lucy Evans Lucy Heard Lucy Robertson Lucy Mitchell Lucy Buckland Lucy Brooks Lucy O’keeffe Lucy Edwards Lucy Hawkins Lucy Chaston Lucy Gillespie Lucy Bailey Lucy Roe Lucy New Lucy Garland Lucy Bailey Lucy Jenkins Luisa Pedra Ponte Lydia Deichmann Lyn Baseley Lynda Moore Lynda Ashton Lyndsey Plant Lyndsey Rogers Lynette Wain Lynette Shearn Lynn Wignall Lynn Hinder Lynn Wright Lynn Gooding Lynn Mayneord Lynne Daniels Lynsey Wall Lynsey Semple Lynsey Fairclough Maddy Matthews Madeleine Cottrell Madeleine Oliver Madeleine Cotterill Magdalena Magdziorz Maggie Lewis MAGGIE TARRY Maggie Todd Maggie Hartridge Mags Eva Maisie Mc Cann Maisie Saunders Mandie Knell Mandie Olive Mandy Bush Mandy Large Mandy Cottrell Mandy Litten Mandy Probyn Mandy Wilkinson Mandy Wilson Manon De Jong Marcia Paviour Marcia Wakeman Margaret Turner Margaret Cremin Margaret Godfrey Margaret Flood Margarte Kimber Margo Pratt Maria Hutchinson Maria Hall Maria Bailey Maria Soares Maria Curtis-Fisher Maria Rejek Maria Warren Maria Richards Maria James Maria Holstead Maria Verrier Maria Apap Maria Zani Maria May Maria Strhakova Maria Elliot Maria Carmen Rey Morales Marian Oram Mariana Dante Marianne Golding Marie Setterfield Marie Williams Marie Williams Marie Giles Marie Foster Marie Ellis Marie Johns Marie Shepherd Marie Warren Marie Wilkes Marie Thompson Marika Ryan MARILYN USHER Marina Ritchings Marita Lowry Marlena Saja Marta Jamil Martina Pearson Martine Reeves Mary Roberts Mary Martin Mary Baker Mary Wiltshire Mary Siddons Mary Luu Maryanne Crocker Maureen Ward Mavis Rose Mechelle Lloyd Meena Ladwa Megan Butt Megan Strange Megan Evatt Megan Taylor Megan Chase Megan Nash Megan Howe Megan Waldon Megan Walker Megan Gleeson Megan Hibberd Megan Strange Megan Davis Megan Skelding Megan Lloyd Megan Hillier Megan Lowe Megan Smith Megan Johns Mel Cross Melanie Maddock Melanie Webb Melanie Coleman Melanie Manton Melanie Hyde Melanie Scarallo Melanie Paget Melanie Carter Melanie Thompson Melanie Hopkins Melanie Gilbert Melanie Stevens Melany Williams Melissa Oram Melissa Pearce Melissa Mc Bride Melissa Dance Melissa Day Melissa Keen Melissa Twine Melissa May Melissa Clist Melissa Bowen Melissa Mc Alees Melissa Cornish Melissa Williams Melissa Wolverson Melissa Pitts Mellissa Anderson Menyee Doyle Meredith Campbell Mia Benjaminsen Michaela Hinton Michaela Hamilton Michaela Gordon Michaela Rowland Michala King Michele Bull Michele Watt Michele Perry Michele Tyler Michele Harding Michelle Hawkins Michelle Harris Michelle Barr Michelle Wernham Michelle Prall Michelle Coombe Michelle Molter Michelle Collins Michelle Halfon Michelle Jordan Michelle Lapes Michelle Kinch Michelle Evans Michelle Ray-priest Michelle Cottrell Michelle Ward Michelle Tizard Michelle Trant Michelle Rea Michelle O’Carroll Michelle Miller Michelle Dix Michelle Regan Michelle Godwin Michelle Page Michelle Dyke Michelle Hoy Michelle Leng Michelle Azzopardi Michelle Young Michelle Horrobin Michelle Schlupp-Taylor Michelle Kanca Michelle Tuck Michelle Coveney Michelle Rees Michelle Alcock Michelle Mulcock Michelle Hopkins Michelle Rendell Micki Wardell Micol Tonizzo Mikaila Littrell Millie Wiggins Miranda Habermel Miranda Stephens Miranda Richardson Miriam Taylor Mirka Antolova Mo Wright Moe Whitehall Mollie Eltham Mollie Smith Molly Mc Intosh Molly Gurmin Molly Jane Fitches Monika Luzyn Monika Ralph Morgan Carr Morgan Ogle Morgan Fleet Myra Hetherington Nadia Serroukh Nadine Watts Nadine Tucker Naina Tanna Nancy West Nancy Strickland Naomi Collins Naomi Beal Naomi Kershaw Naomi Barry Naomi Willoughby Naomi Kershaw Naomi Polden Naomi Pettefar Naomi Spencer Naomi Watts Nat Rew Natalie Wild Natalie Smith Natalie Adams-Betterton Natalie Burford Natalie Cookson Natalie Perrett Natalie Watson Natalie Garrett Natalie Wilson Natalie Burt Natalie Highet Natalie Jones Natalie Chapman Natalie Mace Natalie Wyatt Natalie Westen Natalie Best Natalie Griffiths Natalie Chapman Natalie Hall Natalie Atkinson Natalie Scott Natalie Humphries Natalie Walters Natalie Collins Natalie Davidson Natalie Masters Natalie Abson Natalie Bo Peepe Natalie Mkrtchyan Natalie Robertson Natalie Jones Natasha Thorn Natasha Harding Natasha Lovesey Natasha Smith Natasha Biberger Natasha Brentnall Natasha Pike Natasha Porteous Natasha Chapman Natasha Taylor Natasha Biberger Natasha Benwell Natasha Elmes Natasha Ryan Natasha Ball Natasha Ingram Natasha Barnard Natasha Kidd Neha Majahan Nell Snuggs Nene Souza Nerissa Scarrett Niamh Durnin-Duffy Nichola Curtis Nichola Nundy Nichola Craig Nichola Elliott Nichola Mitten Nicki Rossiter Nicki Watkins Nicky Ogle Nicky Leighfield Nicky Danby Nicky Rooke Nicky Griffin Nicky Mulvenna Nicky Sherwood Nicky Kidd Nicola Schaps Nicola Moss Nicola Barrow Nicola Bennett Nicola O’Malley Nicola Clack Nicola Sharp Nicola Barker Nicola Lamb Nicola Rogers Nicola Thomas Nicola Fogarty Nicola Scotford Nicola Jones Nicola Moore Nicola Tanner Nicola Moore Nicola Smith Nicola Wright Nicola Matthews Nicola Young Nicola O’Malley Nicola Hope Nicola Freemantle Nicola Walton Nicola New Nicola Parsons Nicola Green Nicola Woolford Nicola Coe Nicola Cobbold Nicola Le huquet Nicola Clark Nicola Fogarty Nicola Wylie Nicola Scotchmer Nicola Church Nicola Humm Nicola James Nicola Kinnard-Comedie Nicole Gibbs Nicole Johnson Nicole Dawes Nicole Kitson Nicole Score Nicole Coles Nicole Adcock Nicole Mcghee Niki Rowlands Niki Seager Niki Patten Nikita Taylor Nikki Woods Nikki Stebbings Nikki Cunningham Nikki Gilbert Nikki Smith Nikki Tilley Nikki Moore Nikki Cuthbert Nikki Tesch Nikki Tuck Nikki Kearley Nikki Baker Nikki Wexler Nikki Twine Nikol Gerincova Nina Tanna Nina Barlow Nirmala Patel Norma Parsons Nuch Smith Obi Ukoha Oktober Clack Olivia Jeffs Olivia Gerrish Olivia Culmer Paige Stratford Paige Kinch Paige Stevens Pam Webb Pam Rogers Pamela Wylie Pamela Jones Pamela Whitehead Paris O donoghue Paris-Jane Scotford Parvin Akhtar Patricia Evans Patricia Cawley-Wakefield Patricia Davis Patricia Mukuya Patricia Howes Patricia Smith Patricia Chambers Patsy Heath Paula Clarke Paula Titchener Paula Richardson Paula Hing Paula Outlaw Paula Orton Paula Harrison Paula Watts Paula Martin Paula Rutherford Pauline Mcgeoch Pauline Cockings Pauline Jackson Pauline Hughes Peggy-Sue Ford Penny Atherton Penny Goodall Penny Durham Penny Carter-Francis Penny Hooker Petra Crisp Petra White Petra Rojkova Philippa Elsmore Philippa Nutley Philippa Workman Phillippa Tynan Phillippa Doy Phyllis Hobbs Pip Barnett Pippa Hicks Pippa Smith Poppy Hann-Brewer Rabia Omer Rachael Taylor Rachael Thompson Rachael Purser Rachael Aplin Rachael Hilton Rachael Pritchard Rachael Crook Rachael Lee Rachael Wakefield Racheal Mc Cusker Rachel King Rachel James Rachel Cambridge Rachel Burchill Rachel Mccrea Rachel Bateman Rachel Mc Govern Rachel Weaven Rachel Fisher Rachel Winter Rachel Burton Rachel Freegard Rachel Anns Rachel Horwat Rachel Dunn Rachel Mc Callion Rachel Moreman Rachel Griffiths Rachel Henly Rachel Whiston Rachel Mallard Rachel Hogan Rachel Thorne Rachel Bray Rachel Duffy Rachel Lawrence Rachel Forster Rachel Brown Rachel Peart Rachel Phillips Rachel Hutton Rachel Freegard Rachel Pickford Rachel Mathis Rachel Griffiths Rachel Carter Rachel Deegan Rachel Bate Rae Mc Kellar Raminta Velickaite Rebecca Somerfield Rebecca WATSON Rebecca Adams Rebecca Little Rebecca Wait Rebecca Midwinter Rebecca Horne Rebecca Evans Rebecca Bray Rebecca Silver Rebecca Watts Rebecca Hudd REBECCA ROSS REBECCA ROSS Rebecca White Rebecca Wright Rebecca Edwards Rebecca Strange Rebecca Collier Rebecca Maslin Rebecca Claridge Rebecca Davey Rebecca Davies Rebecca Swinmurn Rebecca Le poidevin Rebecca Morton Rebecca Halliday Rebecca Luisi Rebecca North Rebecca Brace Rebecca Handel Rebecca Richardson Rebecca Toft Rebecca Stacey Rebecca Collins Rebecca Huff Rebecca Hobbs Rebecca Thompson Rebecca Coles Rekha Tanna Hirani Remely Rodriguez Renee Broad Rhian Evans Rhian Claridge Rhiannon Cole Rhiannon Mc Grady Rhiannon Cole Rhiannon Winchester Rhona Warman Rhyanna Cole Ria Green Rina Salaveria Robyn Curnock Roma Liddiard Ronnie Holmes Rosanna Mc Beath Rose Buchanan Rose Still Rose Vincent Roseanne Gillman Rosemary Parkin Rosie Stubbs Rosie Tozer Rosie Hannis Rosie Bevan Rosie Hancock Rosie Grant-willson Rosie Cree Rosie Walsh Rosy Presley Rowan Wilson Pope Roxanne Foster Roxanne Rea Roz Higson Rozza Birch Ruth Henderson Ruth Phillips Ruth Bassindale Ruth Manders Ruth Mitchell Ruth Corfield Ruth Reynolds Ruth Marr Ruth Read Ruth Walker Ruth Ayre Ruth Eldridge Sacha Bailey Sadie Wallington Sadie Harrison Sadie Church Sallie Smith Sally Allison Sally Berrisford Sally Bird Sally Rachael Sally Veaock Sally Newbury Sally Vivash Sally HARRIS Sally Cooper Sally Godwin Sally Franklin Sally Plowman Sally-Anne Murray Salome Stokes Sam Atwell Sam Goldup Sam Gibb Sam Rampton Sam Fillis Sam Midwinter Sam Demain Sam Shurmer Sam Ocallaghan Sam Haysom Sam Sanders Sam Price Sam Cox Sam Curtis Sam Oatley Sam Fillis Sam Chatwal Sam Whitehead Sam Venn Samantha Thomas Samantha Lewer Samantha Russell Samantha Baker Samantha Richardson Samantha Taylor Samantha Stratton Samantha Bassett Samantha Ludkin Samantha Lee Samantha Cullen Samantha Couchman Samantha Barnes Samantha Saunders Samantha Carey Samantha Gratton Samantha New Samantha Lord Samantha Probets Samantha Scott-White Samantha Darling Samantha New Samantha Morris Samantha Du-Rose Samantha Strickland Samantha Lewin Samantha Tuck Samantha Morse Samantha Sprules Samantha Marsh Samantha Shuker Samantha Walker Samantha Bendell Samantha Gillicker Samantha Chandler Samantha Bullock Sammi Page Sammie Singfield Sammy Large Sammy Baker Sammy Whittington San Carley Sandie Stroud Sandie Sharples Sandra Jerram Sandra Willmott Sandra Pieri Sandra Hardiman Sandra Upfold Sandra Hanson Sandra Kane Sandra Langley Sandra Rolfe Sandra Victoria Gonzalez Caceres Sandy Agarwal Sanita Husare Sannine Corrigan Santina Verona Sapphire Jenner Sara Mitchell Sara Pell-Stevens Sara Greaves Sara Cummins Sara Vanes Sara Williamson Sara Reeves Sara Stratford Sara Thomas Sara Elvidge Tappenden-Tappenden Sara Stott Sara Webster Sara Patten Sarah Mustoe Sarah Ryan Sarah John Sarah Witts Sarah Jennings Sarah Mullard Sarah Lewis Sarah Waldron Sarah Watts Sarah Evans Sarah Skinner Sarah Farley Sarah Cleverly Sarah Cox Sarah Bunn Sarah Love Sarah Reynolds Sarah Richings Sarah Duncan-smithies Sarah Finney Sarah Liddon Sarah Callaghan Sarah Ravenhill Sarah Hart Sarah Stevens Sarah Horan Sarah Foyster Sarah Henderson Sarah Swift Sarah Dawson Sarah Parsons Sarah Harris Sarah Mc Lean Sarah Steele Sarah Bowden Sarah Dillon Sarah Gillis Sarah Maddock Sarah Fulford Sarah Lyons Sarah Johnson Sarah Pascarella Sarah Robinson Sarah Daltrey Sarah Webb Sarah Halls Sarah Campbell Sarah Dalby Sarah De Teissier Prevost Sarah Morton Sarah Morton Sarah Bulman Sarah Carson Sarah Pullen Sarah Bissett Sarah Tarrant Sarah Baker Sarah Hill Sarah Hatten Sarah Jones Sarah Littleford Sarah Cantwell Sarah Thornton Sarah King Sarah Beaven Sarah Morton Sarah Mason Sarah Mc Allister Sarah Mackie Sarah Gladwin Sarah Cornish Sarah Elbrow Sarah Curtis Sarah Glasspole Sarah Parsons Sarah Newman Sarah Harris Sarah Karabulut Sarah Craig Sarah Yong Sarah Moon Sarah Edwards Sarah Mckenna Sarah Oxtoby Sarah Plant Sarah White Sarah Foulds Sarah Cowell Sarah Allen Sarah Ridley Sarah Rhoads Sarah Phelps Sarah Bailey Sarah Phillips Sarah Hughes Sarah Jones Sarah jane Minns Sarah-Jayne Wood Sarah-Kate Tonkin Sasha Harris Sasha Harris Savita Ladva Saxone Barton Selena Braker Selina Underwood SERENA BUCKLEY-HUMPHRIES Shaan Waite Shana Lewis Shania Morrison Shanneen Birbeck Shannel Baldwin Shannen Fenton Shannon Skinner Shannon Tribe Shannon Hearn Shannon Thomas Shannon Gordon Shannon Russell Shannon Kimber Shannon Baker Shannon Taylor Shannon Gabb Sharena Thind Sharon Mcmullen Sharon Rackham Sharon Whetham Sharon Bingham Sharon Enright Sharon Northcott Sharon Moore Sharon Goodson Sharon Pickford Sharon Bassindale Sharon Waters Sharon Blow Sharon Bennett Sharon Marshman Sharon Marshman Sharon Legg Sharon Richards Sharon Phillips Sharon Ottley Sharon Shergold Sharon Wakeley Sharon Webb Sharon Farley Sharon Taylor Sharon Gibson Sharon Pickford Sharron Palmer Sharry Smith Shauna Harris Shauna Harris Shawana Rahman Shaya Chivers Shayley White Shaynie Montier Sheena Jennings-dash Sheena Davis-white Sheila Cracknell Sheila Woolhouse Sheila Ward Shelby Bridgman Shelby Meredith Shell Murray Shelley Dabis Shelley De Boer Shellie Sallis Shelly Glass Shelly Hartnoll Shelly Lester Sheri Stepp Shirley Powell Shirley Davis Shivani Jobanputra Shona Allford Shona Adams Shona Wilson Shontel Ockwell Shontel Bishop Sian Carley Sian Simpson Sian Clarke Sian Taylor Sian Davies Sian Coleman Silvia Sampaio Simone Joseph Simone Adams Sinead Egerton Siobain Chase Siobain O’Mahony Siobhan O’Donnell Siobhan Beales Siobhan Timms Siobhan Trinci Siona Coburn Sofia Bates Sonia Bridgman Sonia Staples Sonia Tribley Sonia Smith Sonia Herbert Sonu Sharma Sophia Davis-Bowles Sophia Austin Sophia Fruci Sophia Birkett Sophia Merlo Sophie Norman Sophie Smith Sophie Randall Sophie Barrett Sophie Ottaway Sophie Curtis Sophie Howard Sophie Drewitt Sophie Wilkins Sophie Titcombe Sophie Warrington Sophie Cottrell Sophie Burton Sophie Legg Sophie Baker Sophie Gorton Sophie Hole Sophie Lorford Sophie Sheard Sophie Bradford Stacey Morgan Stacey Bradbrook Stacey Cunningham Stacey Mc Gahey Stacey Gill Stacey Gibbs Stacey Eccles Stacey Vincent Stacey Allan Stacey Clifford Stacey Watson Stacey Galbraith Stacey Symons Stacy Pritchard Stank Adamcova Stefanie Gurupatham Stella Gilholm Stella Howard Stella Godsell Stella Cosgrave Steph Baker Steph Robinson Steph Lowrie Stephanie Kendall Stephanie Godwin Stephanie Wood Stephanie Wheeler Stephanie Fuller Stephanie Wright Stephanie Ottaway Stephanie Humphries Stephanie Bacon Stephanie Robinson Stephanie Jones Stephanie Morgan Stephanie Aird Stephanie Chandler Stephanie Jones Stephanie Wood Stephanie Humphries Stephanie Greenfield Stephanie Swadden Stevie Haynes Subitha Baghirathan Sue Watson Sue King SUE WEST Sue Austin Sue Sherriffs Sue Giles Sue Mooney Sue James Sue Daltrey Sue Elford Sue Corrigan Sue Learner Sue Washington Sue Bede Sue Owen Sue Marshall Sue Haydon Sue Powell Sue Barnes Susan Horton Susan Hacker Susan Bentley Susan Wilkinson Susan Cozens Susan Thomas Susan Lattanzio Susan Hughes Susan Hale Susan Kipke Susan Willis Susan Giddings Susan Toft Susan Prinzi Susan Archer Susan Smith Susan louise Nixon Susannah Aston Sushma Patel Susie Jackson Susie Hannam Suzanne Mills Suzanne Vangala Suzanne Henderson Suzanne Twining Suzanne Seanton Suzanne Taylor Suzanne Fear Suzanne Merrick Suzi Pritchard Suzie Jenkins Suzie Todd Suzie Ellis Suzy Shears Svenya Haffenden Sylvia Lee Sylwia Erber Syree Smith Sze Sze Ng Tabby Bashford Tam Turek Tamla Logan Tammy Horton Tamsin Bodill Tania Finch Tania Larner Tania Earley Tanisha Williams Tanya Orchard Tanya Moore Tanya Perrett Tanya Oakey Tanya Guy Tanya Rosamond Tanya Harris Tanya Wilshire Tanya Kemble Tanya Fry Tanya Ball Tara Woodward Tara Clark Tara Coutts Tara Hunt Tara Hills Tash Wright Tayler Locock Ter Halfon Teresa Harry Teresa Brewer Teresa Collins Teresa Gardner Teresa Chidwick Teresa Weeks Teresa Titcombe Teresa White Teresa Goy Teri Evans Teri Farthing Teri Cox Teri Halfon Terri Ward Terri Bolton Terrie Scrivens Tessa Pumfrey Tessa Mortimer Thelma Stephens Theresa Locock Theresa Ledger Theresa Sainsbury Theresa.

Additional information about the attribution to William Purkey is given further below.

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Dear Quote Investigator: The following words are attributed to a variety of people including Mark Twain, Satchel Paige, and William Purkey: The ordering of the lines varies, and sometimes other statements are inserted. Quote Investigator: In 1987 the songwriters Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh composed “Come from the Heart” which included the following lyrics: QI believes that the other sets of expressions containing the statement “dance like nobody’s watching” were derived from these lyrics.) In 1994 an article in “Orange Coast Magazine” profiled Danielle Kennedy who was a real estate agent and motivational speaker.

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