Is kym johnson dating anyone

21-Feb-2016 07:30

“Kym and Robert were definitely attracted to each other from the get-go. She can’t stop talking about what a good, nice guy he is.They have insane chemistry and are actually a great match.” Monday night at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails.The pair recently attended a special event on Sept.12 in honor of the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness.“During the red carpet, while they were mingling off the carpet and inside they couldn’t keep their hands off each other” our insider tells EXCLUSIVELY of the beautiful pair.The couple found love last May while competing together on the hit ABC dancing show.

He said he’s a better dancer now and he knows that summer is in the winter in the Southern Hemisphere, as he has gone to visit Kym in her native Australia.

Our source tells us “During that same conversation they were finishing each others sentences. It was actually a little difficult to get them to concentrate on the other couple because they were all about each other.” Kym definitely landed herself a wonderful guy.