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A standing ovation and out pouring of love greeted our sweet L I'm deeply grateful to my sister Mary, for sharing her dearest friend Linda. Tim, her loving husband, and her three beautiful children, Gabi, Christian, and Ina. you for all the heartfelt comments and to all who made donations. They cannot be copied or used without the written consent of Joe Albero.Over the years I've had the honor of experiencing the close knit comfort of Linda and Mary's group of co-workers, at Lions Park School. They truly are a family, helping each other through any and all life's challenges. She fought the battle of breast cancer with courage, faith, grace, a glowing example of love, strength and faith. Our beautiful, loving, strong, kind, amazing friend Linda is in Heaven now, please help us help her wonderful family.... Contact me at [email protected] heard from Chuck at sunrise!with love to all, Bonnienot spam, please read: A touch of vinegar added to your wash will soften clothes and leave them fresh.The fabric softener puts a coating on your clothing and is then absored through your so very unhealthy for you.HIs wife Vicki is an amazing person, we should all be so fortunate to have someone as strong, devoted, caring and loving as Vicki.Their children exemplify love, gratitude and strength.

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Chuck's courage, character and humor, an example I learn from each day.This waxy "coating of chemicals" stays on the clothes for many washings.The reason the scent is so strong is perfumed to COVER up the chemicals smell.with love and respect, Bonnie Okay guys, It's me Bonnie, had to come on and say I can't stand to walk through the nieghborhood in the morning and the toxic scent of fabric softener/dryer sheets fills the air.

We are grateful Linda was able to experience all the love at the benefit on Thursday.

We can all hold the memory of Linda's warm sincere smile, as she came into a theater filled with hundreds of her friends, fellow teachers, students, and her amazing family. All Photos on this site are the property of Joe Albero &