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31-Aug-2015 09:30

What do you appreciate most about the Iranian culture?

Most Iranians are genuinely courteous, kind, sincere, generous, sociable and have a fun-loving approach and great curiosity of foreigners, and also a certain open-handed innocence that is very lovable.

I have come to meet them thanks to my husband and I can say they are one of those people who are as good as they get.

Jean, Reza and Odie at Caledonia waterfall, Cyprus Nationality American Years married 25 years this year Children & ages 3 children ages 30,19 and 17.

We have lived in five countries, traveled to many more, my children have had wonderful multi-cultural open-minded life experiences plus they have learned much about duty, responsibility and dignity that is not in my culture - it is what their Iranian father contributes to.

In other words, my limited world has expanded in a physical way so imagine how my mind and attitudes have changed.

The oldest is my husband's stepson, so you see what a good person my husband is that he's accepted my oldest son as his own son (and it was really a necessary requirement too). I think that puts holes in any stereotype someone may have that Iranian men would not be as all embracing in family life as Western men. We met in Haifa, Israel on Pilgrimage to visit the Baha'i holy places.

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How has your life changed since you married an Iranian man?Hugely, I would still be in my rural hometown of 8,000 people in Oregon probably living next door to my family.