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02-Jan-2016 09:48

Added 03-2002: Hello I've recently been through the Iowa legal system after being charged with sexual abuse and have a couple of observations.

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232.68.2.c seems to be only for giving the state power to remove any person under 18 from their parents' custody if it's the parents' fault their child was molested or raped.Iowa's sodomy laws were repealed in 1983, and as far as I've heard, there's been no call to re-instate them.I never heard any indication from the legal system that my charges were based at all on the fact that the younger person was the same sex as I.I never met anyone who had been charged with anything soley on the basis of the younger participant being the same gender.

As far as I can tell, the older participants are treated equally whether the younger person was the same or the opposite sex.

So it seems safe by now to list male-male and female-female age of consent the same as the male-female age of consent, even though I don't think there is a law specifically stating this.

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