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An end user can freely choose which Open ID Provider to use, and can preserve their Identifier if they switch Open ID Providers. The host of the HTML document MAY be different from the end user's OP's host.While nothing in the protocol requires Java Script or modern browsers, the authentication scheme plays nicely with "AJAX"-style setups. The "openid2.provider" and "openid2.local_id" URLs MUST NOT include entities other than "&", "<", ">", and """.Open ID Authentication provides a way to prove that an end user controls an Identifier. To use HTML-Based discovery, an HTML document MUST be available at the URL of the Claimed Identifier.It does this without the Relying Party needing access to end user credentials such as a password or to other sensitive information such as an email address. No central authority must approve or register Relying Parties or Open ID Providers. Within the HEAD element of the document: A LINK element MUST be included with attributes "rel" set to "openid2.provider" and "href" set to an OP Endpoint URL A LINK element MAY be included with attributes "rel" set to "openid2.local_id" and "href" set to the end user's OP-Local Identifier The protocol version when HTML discovery is performed is "

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The exchange of profile information, or the exchange of other information not covered in this specification, can be addressed through additional service types built on top of this protocol to create a framework. It is RECOMMENDED that a Relying Party form associations if it is possible for it to do so.Open ID Authentication is designed to provide a base service to enable portable, user-centric digital identity in a free and decentralized manner. If a Relying Party is incapable of creating or storing associations, Section 11.4.2 If the OP does not support a session type or association type, it MUST respond with a direct error message indicating that the association request failed. It is RECOMMENDED that Relying Parties supporting Open ID Authentication 2.0 choose to use, if available, endpoints with the type " and " in this order, as specified in Section HTML-Based discovery MUST be supported by Relying Parties. For an XRI to be a valid Identifier, both the The "openid" namespace is no longer used as of Open ID Authentication 2.0. For compatibility with deployed code, it is RECOMMENDED that Relying Parties also accept " or " for the value of section.

OP Identifiers must be XRIs or URLs that support XRDS discovery.

HTML-Based discovery is only usable for discovery of Claimed Identifiers.

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