Internet dating assault

06-Jan-2015 20:59

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If you're single, chances are you're on Tinder, Hinge, and/or various other dating apps. shows that there has been a sixfold jump in reports of rape that are related to online dating over the past five years.But the rise in online dating has led to some dangerous new risks. The country's National Crime Agency found that there were 184 reports of such crimes in 2014, up from 33 in 2009.Investigators are looking into possible reasons why the uptick is happening now.Of course, more people are dating online in the first place, but there's more to this story.

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They also add that in general, rape victims have been more confident to report their assaults to the police, which may be leading to the uptick as well.

"A rape victim is never at fault and we do not want the circumstances in which these assaults take place to cause any victim to doubt that.

According to their research, people tend to feel protected online and feel safe having sexual conversations before meeting in person—but when they finally do meet face-to-face, they may have different expectations about whether they'll get physical.

They also noted that a scarily large number of the assaults happened in private, whether at the victim's home or the offender's home.

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The agency says they released the data to make sure people know about the safety risks that come with online dating. K.-specific, police in Dallas released similar warnings earlier this month."Our aim here is to make people aware of the potential danger, so they can be better prepared and make the choices that are right for them," Sean Sutton, head of the NCA's Serious Crimes Analysis Section, said in a statement.