Internet dating and texting

04-Jun-2015 08:16

To start with, you have to rethink the way that you present yourself.Studies show that between 75% to 93% of communication is non-verbal.We’re able to process all of these signals so rapidly that we’re often unaware of it; to our conscious mind, we’re just eliding over the ones who we read as “nope, not interested” while we narrow our focus on the people who do it for us.All of this subconscious presentation and filtering is lost in online dating; all we have are our words and our photos, so we have to consider how to craft as attractive a snapshot of ourselves as possible.In online forums and gaming – where many people meet their partners – how we express ourselves and our personality acts as the initial attractors.Similarly, we try to divine as much of that information as possible from the dating profile photo and username even before we start in on the dating profile.

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Everything from how they stand to how they talk, who they talk to, how they act around their friends, how they smell, even the pitch and timbre of their voice indicate whether or not we’re likely to have an initial attraction to them that would prompt us to make that all-important first approach.

This is why you have to take care to understand exactly what your profile is saying to the women who view it.

Now, I’d have no problem giving you include photos of you with an attractive woman? All of the pictures chosen were submitted by readers of this blog.… continue reading »

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