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Much like any library archive, it is "out-of-date." Brick and mortar libraries do not toss out older resource materials, they archive them. My bro N I went to our first Aryanfest this last weekend in Phoenix.

It was just mind blowing on the amount of brothers and sisters out there all living, breathing, and working for the cause. The bros from Volksfront were not only helpful, but very professional as well.

But more than supporting virtual communication among often isolated members, the web has proved invaluable for organizing real-world gatherings of Aryans that cultivate and nurture a sense of community.

After more than eight years of studying white power activism in the United States -- research that includes more than 100 interviews with movement leaders and members, observation of a wide range of Aryan activities, and extensive analysis of the white power movement's cyberpresence -- we see the Aryan cyberculture as a critical piece in explaining how this marginalized and highly stigmatized movement continues to retain its members and cultivate new ones.

Therefore, much of the material here is not current.

Living in today's society it's nice to know that at any time I can log onto Panzerfaust and be connected to my brothers and sisters, and speak our minds on the cause at hand.

For me it's all of us getting together and fighting for the same common goal "THE PRESERVATION OF THE WHITE RACE." Once again thanks to Azvolksfront and Panzerfaust Records for the weekend with my new family.

Those watching the ominous expansion of the White Power Movement's presence in cyberspace similarly ask: Is the Web a useful space for sustaining members' commitments to the movement or does the spatial distance and relative anonymity of cyberspace diminish organizers' capacities to build solidarity and recruit new members?

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This chat room posting is just one of many in the days following the 2004 Aryanfest -- a two-day concert that brought together white power activists from around the country.

Today, with a simple keyword search such as "Aryan" or "white power," websurfers can easily find a growing number of similar white power websites where acidly racist and anti-Semitic themes replete with visions of racial separation or even violent racial extermination are the norm.

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