Importance height dating

23-Dec-2015 20:56

Why assume you being tall is an obstacle to begin with? It conveys that you feel self-conscious about even being on Tinder.Maybe let the flirting begin and if it's important to you, mention it right before you decide to go out with the guy.4. If you're unsure, guys will be unsure why they should reach out to you. It doesn't have to reveal every aspect of who you are, but if you can include one line about your interests, it gives guys an opportunity to connect with you in a genuine way.

Listing your height in the initial page is another red flag.

You are saying "Hey just a heads up here's the first obstacle: I'm tall." Why lead with an obstacle? "Show, don't tell." If you want to list a quote that showcases your personality be picky about it; sometimes a reference to Arrested Development will bring in less douchey guys than quoting Dante. Let your flirting communicate it, not your initial page.5. Your name with an initial photo of a cat wearing a pirate hat doesn't convey to a guy that you have a sense of humor.