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It is the blandest, saddest excuse of a video game adaptation ever.

If you are an older guy, please don’t use this show to educate you on how the female body works. Though an anime about a clueless high school male harem lead using knowledge bombs from this show to try to score with his harem might not be a bad idea. The CG animation is also pretty bad, and I am going to start skipping 100% CG anime that looks like someone’s high school cinema project. The story is wretched, with the whole premise being that a random kid is promoted to vice-president of his high school student council and is forced to play with, “If you are not playing online games these days, you are left behind.” Seems like they put zero effort into forming a plot for this show.

(Wait, you are forming a Mount Rushmore of sculptures that can dance, and you don’t include Michelangelo’s David? if they were basketball general managers, they would have given Rashard Lewis 8 million over six years and Jerome James million for five years. Sure, the plot was incoherent, but it had a plot.) (Mitigating factor: Plenty of SEGA easter eggs.

It is even padded with the dumbest 30 second cooking segment ever. Then again, I can also picture this show as a full twenty-four minute show that lasts for two cours. They made the same mistakes when they were in charge of ADV…

Updates on thin slicing are always on my Twitter account. Fortunately, Paul Blart Marshmallow Cop Who Hates Sexy Office Ladies is only three minutes long an episode, which is the perfect length for it. After the holiday break, I got a nasty cough that persisted for over a week, so my doctor prescribed me a huge bottle of codeine. I am just curious how much life an anime about unmovable objects can have, and how repetitive the comedy will get. Linden Films is desperate to make anything into an anime? Irrelevant, the show has been locked up by Sentai Filmworks?

) into a full twenty-four minute show, and everyone would have been the loser: the studio, the viewer, the reviewer, and humanity in general. (Other alternate names for this anime: The Sexy Office Lady Keeps Tossing Her Ovaries at Me, But I Just Want Marshmallows and Marshmallow-Related Antics at Web-Related Company Ha Ha Ha.) (I am writing most of this thin slicing while under the effects of codeine. The next parody is an anime boy idol group that can actually sing and dance well– the ultimate parody of all anime boy idol groups. Why does it always seem like whenever I rank a show Mr.

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” then, well, you obviously don’t know how this works. The ship isn’t a floating military complex or even a cruise ship but rather a floating idyllic European town.

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Seriously, Sentai, why license a show where the video game isn’t even available in the US? Though I think the only thing that will convince me to watch this show is if Segita Sanshiro takes over as the main character and turns the story into a SEGA-themed version of . The otome game turned anime is about a mysterious god-like character or organization called “The World” that protects the world by recruiting young people and have them watch over the world in a floating ship. Granted, it’s eight minutes, but still a very long eight minutes. With statues forming a boy band, we have reached peak idol group parody. My bonus prediction for 2016: Sentai Filmworks experiences financial difficulties. He also plays the game in windowed mode in a tiny window on his PC. SEGA, if you want more people to play , just bring it over the US. With CG anime getting better and cheaper, it is only a matter of time before drawn anime becomes a luxury. It is funny to me that this manga is originally in a seinen magazine which targets older guys. There’s no official stream yet since it is licensed by Netflix, and I am not waiting for Netflix. The character designs are bland and boring at best.

He couldn’t have sent a wiki link or a Gamefaqs link? The industry switch-over started a few years ago and continues to move along.

Let’s make an eight minute anime where a girl with an oversized bosom tells raunchy facts! You know a video game has a bad storyline when the anime version can’t even use it for the anime. He then gets thirty pages of hand-written notes from his friend on how to play the game. You say the game is easy, yet the friend felt obligated to illustrate a thirty page manual. The amount of money and effort spent on making this flaming pile of hot garbage could have been put to a worldwide release of PSO3. There might be more minutes of CG anime produced in 2016 (if not 2017) than minutes of drawn animation.