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07-Nov-2014 01:23

We can step over our physical boundaries, but what is even more important, we can easily step over our psychic boundaries.In the real life we often try to match the expectations our partner, and to cover our secret desires.Thanks to the 3D visualization all these beautiful things can be looked from a freely chosen distance and angle. We can try any sexual poses, we are not bounded by our real abilities.As man our cock can stand hard hours long, as women we can captivate as many admirer as we wish.

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We hope we need not to explain sex, but the word virtual is a bit more difficult.

We guess the answer: something, what does not really exist, what cannot be touched.

Besides all the fake profiles on badoo, the worst of them all is that if you purchase a what they label a once off service,the super powers, all of the sudden it then becomes a subscription service. I was on Badoo for 2 months and in that entire time I talk to 12 guys.… continue reading »

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