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21-Jul-2016 19:59

My grandmother always said that you could pull anyone's pants down in my country and know what will be there, irrespective of creed or sex: black boxer shorts.

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We've drawn Judge Snyder." "What's wrong with Judge Snyder? Hibbert: Well, only one in two million people has what we call the "evil gene". My grandmother was a tailor, which saved me from only ever wearing things that looked unconnected to any worldwide fashion.I grew up next to a sewing machine and by the time I got into punk rock, I could do anything make patches and badges, manufacture leather bracelets from my mum's old purse and put spikes in stuff. My parents were really creative because of their Romany roots and looked like proper fashion dandies.They weren't imitating any fashion from the West, but managed to achieve a hip-looking style; I'd call it a Ukrainian, post-war Yohji Yamamoto look.

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It was a really uniformed country and we'd mainly be in school uniforms, but the funny part is that through the uniformity, the creativity of people was unstoppable.One outfit had so many variations from the way you rolled your sleeves, to wearing aprons backwards.