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They are shaken to mix up the glitter and as the glitter settles to the bottom, you are supposed to visualize the things that are troubling to you also settling.

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I've seen these jars all over Pinterest the last couple of months or so, sometimes called "mind jars" and sometimes called "calm-down jars", and thought they might be a fun craft to make with the girls.(Okay, okay, so I'm totally dating myself here, but they remind me of the plastic glitter wands from the 80s and I really wanted to make one for myself.) Basically, mind jars are a tool to help kids, or anyone, when they feel overwhelmed.As far as I can tell, the post Meditating with Children on "Still Life with Circles", is the first post I can find about the jars.It refers to the book, Moody Cow Meditates that has a recipe for the jars in the back.

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There are also a couple of lovely, later posts on Mind Jars and Calm-Down Baskets at "Here We Are Together", which actually describes a different method of making them than from the book.The first couple we tried to make failed miserably.

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