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15-Mar-2016 05:45

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Anyway, I love Jason Hsu so much, I bought every single thing that has 5566 face on it.. My favorite is "The prince who turns in to a frog".. From there I went back and forth, as you can see my love for Jason Hsu is faded slowly.. Even when the best Korean drama have been come and go, but my heart still love Arashi.. Ever since I worked at Cikarang, I missed the LOVE album and DVD, The Digitalian Album and DVD.. The proudest video that I've been downloaded is Arashi Blast in Hawaii.. Thank you for sakini-pikanci for subbing this videos..! Actually I like the newest one; it has a concept which each member doing their own segment.. *cue horror BGM* A news about Sakurai Sho and horikita Maki dating has appeared once moreeee..!! At first I was confused and heartbroken by this news.. Beacuse if someday, if I found he's lying, I don't know what to do with my feeling.. And Sho was forced by JE to deny his relationship with Maki.. This is why I have a bad feeling when Horikita Maki appeared on Abunai Yakai.. But it turns out, no matter how big your love for someone, how big your admiration for someone, when he/she dissapoint you, you'll lost the ability to love him/her.. FYI, I've been working at a hospital for one and a half years.. But after working there, my parent wanted me to come back to Malang.. YEIIIIIIIIIII~~~ While in Cikarang, my love for Arashi never stop.. From the moment they appear on the stage, My spine can't stop shivering..! Matsu Jun is going to announced his marriage with Inoue Mao (for the 1000th times, perhaps), Sho got his (and Ariyoshi san) a bangumi in TBS (it was named "Ima Kono Kao ga Sugoii", but after a while it's changed to "Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai), Nino also got his own bangumi titled "Nino-san", Arashi ni Shiyagare has twice changed its logo and concept.. That IT IS REALLY "NAN MO NAI" between him and Horikita Maki.. On 22nd August 2015, Horikita Maki announced her marriage with Yamamoto Koji.. A rumor (or whatever it is called) said that Maki have been dating Sho ALL THIS TIME in a secret meeting.. And some staf of Abunai Yakai said that Sho's saying "NAN MO NAI" is AN AD LIB.. And from her, I know Pop music and start listening to foreign pop music, like westlife and Justin Timberlake.. My first "meeting" with 5566 is from Westside Story, not MVP Valentine.. Jason Hsu is the youngest, he was born on July 27 1985.. And then around 2003 I buy Britney album at Jogjakarta.. There's Meteor Garden, Mars, MVP Valentine, and Westside Story.. They are Tony Sun (leader), Zac Wang, Sam Wang, Rio Peng, and Jason Hsu.. Nino has a segment called "Little Ambitions" which I don't even know what the heck he's doing.. Sho travelling trough many places in Japan in disguises.. When I mention kouhai, well for me it equals with "somebody else". But I regularly download their Arashi ni Shiyagare, and I succeeded download Pikanchi Half!!! Ohno with a segment called "Let's Make It" which he was given a task to make something from scratch, for example making hat or Ramune bottle.. It's said that Sho is inviting his Johnnys Junior Kouhai on Maki's birthday.. And then I realize : IS SHO THAT STUPID TO CALL MAKI HIS GIRLFRIEN IN FRONT OF HIS KOUHAI??? It makes me thinking a lot about myself, being a fangirl..

Aiba has a segment called " Investigation Agent" which have a similar concept with Ano Arashi..

G If two SO -CALLED-RUMORED COUPLE appears together on a show it can only means one thing : THE RUMOR IS REALLY REALLY FAKE. He has stubborn personality and has a good principle.. Or even worst, if Sho read this post (which is impossible)..

WHY THE HECK SHO EVEN DENY THE RELATIONSHIP ON THIS BANGUMI???? And one thing that make me all over heels for Sakurai Sho is his image of pure and honest person..

When I watched it at my laptop, I just stare on the screen, shake my head twice, I said "DAMN YOU SHO".. I saw Sho as a very straightforward person and always thinking fast (he's a very calculating and intelligent person)..

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I love him being dorky and proud as his (and Arashi)'s fans.. He's the only idol that I love the longest time in my intire life..

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