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02-Aug-2016 21:32

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There’s nothing quite like watching the shimmering lights of the city melt away into the Bangalore breeze as the music serenades the darkness of the night.

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If you’re a yuppy earning your stripes in Bangalore, there’s nothing worse than being dressed up with nowhere to go.Add to that the guillotine of the 11pm deadline, the patience-sapping traffic and the very real likelihood of ending up at a joint packed with beer-guzzling high school students and you’ve got a tricky maze.

i like your dress Thank you, you're a darling. … continue reading »

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Many people probably wouldn’t regard back alleys as a worthy subject for art, but as depicted by Perreault, they take on a luminous aura that provides plenty of visual pleasure. They also pose all sorts of questions about what’s traditionally regarded as an underbelly of urban life where trash accumulates and human dramas — sketchy, romantic, even innocent — unfold.… continue reading »

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This malware shows how crooks who don’t know a lot about programming can nevertheless easily and cheaply construct devious attack tools from everyday components.… continue reading »

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