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At that point I didn’t think that they’d detain us, because we hadn’t even carried out our activities — there was nothing we’d done for them to lock us up. YC: Had the other two been brought from elsewhere to the same police station? Let’s keep our mouths shut for 37 days, and then we’ll be let go.” My thinking at that point was really naive.

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They took out a blank warrant of detention as well as a blank notice of criminal detention, slapped them onto the table, and began searching the apartment.

They confiscated all of our electronics, including computers and cell phones, of which I had more than one. Downstairs, they were going to put Suan Xiaola (酸小辣, Li Tingting’s partner) and myself in different vehicles, and I told her: just say you were only staying with me for a couple of days and had planned to leave tomorrow. Suan never acknowledged our relationship — if she did the police would exploit our intimate relationship to get information from her.

I met with Li Tingting recently over a Sunday brunch, and we spoke about her detention, women’s rights, LGBT advocacy, and civil society.

— Yaxue Cao Li Tingting: At that time my girlfriend and I were living in a rental.

Li Tingting (李婷婷), also known as Li Maizi (李麦子), is one of the “Feminist Five” in China who were detained on the eve of the International Women’s Day in 2015; they were planning a protest against sexual harassment on public transportation, which is insidiously prevalent in China.

The women were released after 37 days in detention following an unprecedented international outcry.