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17-Jan-2016 10:31

21 Questions about Sex Work Basics In Chinese, why are female prostitutes called “chicken”?Why is “using prostitute’s services” called “calling chicken”?More neutral forms of address would be sex workers and to provide sexual services or sex trades, etc. Perhaps this is in the same poultry category, so hence male prostitutes are degraded to the name “duck” in Chinese. “Prostitutes” usually refer to female who provides sexual services.“Sex workers” is a more respectful form of address.This usually refers to girls involved in sexual services.There are “escort girls” who do not have fixed work sites.Clients have special sentiments towards transgender persons which should be respected as personal preference. The turnover rate of sex workers is high and the government’s demographic statistics do not account for this trade. No matter how many sex workers or their clients there are, because of serious societal discriminations, you might not notice their existence.Unfortunately, because of societal misconstrued and prejudiced views of gender-benders, this group often faces serious discriminations. But in reality, they are among us, and possibly within our family, group of friends, neighbours, etc.

However, the terms “calling chicken” and “chicken” are very vulgar and discourteous, derogatory remarks.

Does Hong Kong still have incidents of girls being forced into prostitution?