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His ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy said he had a history of steroid use.

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Omar Mateen's employer gave him only one psych test with 'error' The autopsy revealed changes to Mateen’s body that suggested he’d been taking the drugs, which spur muscle growth.

If confirmed, the finding would match what friends and family told reporters in the wake of the horrific slaughter carried out by Mateen in Pulse, a gay nightclub he was said to frequent.

But it was too early to tell if the drugs played a role in Mateen’s bloody assault June 12, the officials told the newspaper.

More toxicology tests have been ordered to confirm the medical examiner’s suspicions, the officials said.

The gunman who massacred 49 people in an Orlando night club last month was HIV-negative at the time of his death but showed signs of longtime steroid use, two U. Steroids can cause significant emotional shifts in some people, including intense anger, known as ‘roid rage.

The autopsy of Omar Mateen, 29, suggested he was a habitual user of steroids, The Los Angeles Times reported.