Hilary swank dating harry connick jr

01-Jan-2016 00:00

That might sound like a minute detail, but if they didn't put effort into this area, how many other areas did the work not go into?

There's no reason in the world that a romantic comedy can't be a great film with something to say - it's just baffling that so many don't even try.

I just couldn't get past the tomboy that Swank usually plays and inherently exudes every time I look at her.

Adapted from Cecelia Ahern's novel, director Richard La Grevanese (Freedom Writers) moves the action Stateside where New Yorker Holly Kennedy (Swank) comes to terms with her husband Gerry's (Butler) death. I Love You is a great idea for a chick lit book and a chick flick movie - it's got tragedy, some funny moments, handsome guys (with massive backs) running amok, the possibility of a new romance and a fresh start in life.

I Love You isn't half bad, which only makes it half good, which is a long way from great.

Holly takes his death extremely hard and shuts herself off from her friends and the rest of the world.

However, a short time after his funeral Holly starts to receive letters from Gerry that he had written before he died.

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It turns out that each letter is part of an elaborate plan that would end up taking Holly everywhere from a karaoke bar in New York City to Gerry's parent's house in Ireland. All these letters, whose purpose is to assist in helping Holly, deal with her grieving and ultimately release her so that she can get on living her life. It's just that Swank is great at the intense dramas but just can't pull off the romantic, cute role like Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts.