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16-Mar-2016 05:29

Yoga One Ocean Earth Retreats give you a personalised Retreat on which Sasha and Waveney plan and deliver all of the important details of the Retreat so they are absolutely sure about the level of service and value for money you will receive.

Many other retreats utilise service providers to deliver their retreats in part or whole.

The difference is that on this Retreat, there will be options for more experienced surfers to go to a more challenging surf break.

Also, if men prefer they can swap 2 of their pamper treatments for an alternative, just let us know if you’d like to arrange for this.

With our local surf guides on your team, you will get all the knowledge you need and get to the right spot at the right time to ensure you have the best chance of getting your fair share of the waves.

This makes all the difference when you are here for a limited time!

Newbro Surf School will provide surf trips for those guests wanting a more challenging wave.

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Newbro instructors are experienced, highly skilled local surfers.

Each instructor has knowledge of all the local waves, and taken international surf instructor courses.

We can offer more challenging surf options and an alternative to two of the pamper sessions, please just let us know ahead of time.

Both Retreats are pretty much the same and follow the same formula.

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Great, you’ll have a fabulous time with activities together and/or separately depending on your needs.Each person must register and attend as a full paying guest.