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20-Nov-2015 12:19

Andrea is willing to play a variety of video games and add an artistic aspect to her channel. She has a lot of sass and says whats on her mind but is still trying to get back into doing let's plays again. Apollo is a Let's Player who has been around for awhile.

Although new, she holds a higher quality channel with a great community. She has a very diverse list of games she plays including both old and new.

Airdna is a British gamer who plays and comments on video games which she particularly enjoys; so far this has included Little Big Adventure 1&2, LIMBO, The Sims 3 and Theme Hospital.

She hopes to meet fellow games enthusiasts on You Tube! Going by Teal, she has been around for about two years but has spent that time in hiatus due to technical issues, still making her an amateur.

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Her favorite genre is horror, but anything is fair game. Lots of indie, some NES you just never know what's next.She takes suggestions and wants to create a bond with her subscribers. Andy Booty Beard, or Andrea as she is better known, is a key member to the Let's Play group Beard Box, where she usually plays visual novels with her husband. While some of her LPs are serious matters others are laugh out loud funny.