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10-Oct-2015 09:02

WARNING: be especially wary of illegal aliens or foreigners you meet through online dating websites, especially websites like and The illegal alien or foreigner will claim to have fallen in love with you at first sight on first date.Is the illegal alien or foreigner you're dating being pushy and impatient about marriage?People with Green Card fraud in their mind will tend to be world-class liars; so here are some tell-tale signs you need to watch out for; signs that your partner is using you to get a "Green Card" - a document which allows illegals and foreigners legal indefinite stay in the United States.American Men Beware: DO NOT impregnate an illegal or foreigner girl before marriage!She'll use the baby to not only get the Green Card, but receive alimony for the next eighteen years.

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Furthermore, he/she will be very offended and angry if you say things like you not being ready for marriage, etc. For example, he or she may not introduce you to his or her family and friends, or even lie about their family not approving for their marriage. Rahul's Essays Signs you're being married to for Green Card By Rahul Gladwin | August, 2012.Are you a US Citizen (American) getting married to a foreigner?

He or she will flatter you with sweet talk and say you are the most amazing and wonderful person they met in their entire life.

Additionally, the illegal alien or foreigner may try to get sexual too early.

“People are so used to seeing professional, airbrushed photos in the media so a selfie will almost always look really amateurish and like you don’t care.” The Zoosk survey also found that men who used the words ‘baby’ and ‘beautiful’ in their first message to women were 10 and 13 per cent respectively less likely to get a response.… continue reading »

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