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06-Jul-2016 14:57

A great public high school must serve all students (not just those who will attend college), educate students for a wide range of careers and college options, and provide a rich and multifaceted set of educational and extracurricular activities.

As you’ll find reading this article, the United States has many exceptional public high schools that fit this bill.

The rankings contained below are based on many factors, but the high school must produce measurable academic outcomes across a large number of important academic indicators to be included.

In addition, a great public high school will have a good reputation with recruiting colleges and be highly ranked in measures of student satisfaction and faculty quality. ACT scores, SAT scores, average weighted GPA, and the API (Academic Performance Index) are used as a proxy for the educational environment within a high school.

Northside Prep is a selective enrollment school, teaching at the Honors and AP levels only.

Northside Prep is nationally known for the success of its students in the college admissions process, with over a quarter of the matriculating class admitted to top universities.

(Compare our article The 50 Best Colleges in the United States.) The first step in the ranking process analyzes whether each school’s students perform in the top echelons in academics for a given U. These scores must be adjusted for the fact that students who come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds tend to score lower, so higher proportions of such students with good scores lead to a higher ranking.

The second criterion used to evaluate the public high schools on this list is the degree to which they prepare each student in the high school community to enter and excel at college.