Grandparents online dating

09-Jul-2015 02:30

You’ve gathered your courage and your finest one-liners and signed up for one or more dating websites.

And a couple of months and a few hundred ignored messages later you’re all but ready to give up. Online dating isn’t really harder or easier than “real life” dating; it’s just different.

But there’s a huge difference between focusing on our strengths and trying to be someone we’re not.

Like any other form of social interaction it just takes time, practice and the right information to perfect it.

So here are some of the cardinal sins of online dating that may very well be the reason why your online dating life isn’t going as well as it could be. You don’t have any pictures of yourself One of the biggest (and most baffling) mistakes that I see guys make on dating websites is to start approaching women without a picture of themselves on their profile. At the end of the day, even if you are interacting virtually, people still want to feel like they’re talking to an actual person.

And you’re not going to find them on some dating website. I’m not belittling the troubles that you’ve been through and the challenges you’ve faced.There will be a time and place to share these stories with a potential partner you are involved with down the road, but the place to list these problems isn’t in your profile description. You aren’t being congruent One of the biggest mistakes I see guys make on their online dating profiles is when they try to be something they are not, which I totally understand. We all have egos and we all want to see ourselves in the best possible light.

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