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In turn, Bill Finger named the pastiche New York home of Batman, Gotham City.

One of the three pubs in the village is known as the "Cuckoo Bush Inn".

Reminded of the foolish ingenuity of Gotham's residents, Washington Irving gave the name "Gotham" to New York City in his Salmagundi Papers (1807).

What about the incense wafting through shopping centres and WTF happened to Death Cigarettes?

Yes, if you’ve been wondering these things today, your inner goth from the 80s is probably still strong.

Madness was believed at the time to be highly contagious, and when King John's knights saw the villagers behaving as if insane, the knights swiftly withdrew and the King's road was re-routed to avoid the village.

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The struggle for the perfect Siouxsie face So many emulated, so few succeeded. The downside was that it stained everything it came into contact with – many an otherwise fancy goth gentleman could be seen rocking his frilly white shirt with the telltale pink stain down the front 10.Probably because the only black makeup we could get hold of was waxy Constance Carrol eyeliner from a stall on the indoor market. Red Label Thunderbird was awful but cheap And the vile taste didn’t stop us drinking lakes of the stuff, usually straight from the bottle. Thunderbird evenings often ended with at least one person cry-vomiting behind a memorial stone in the local graveyard. Cuckoo Bush Mound is the alleged site for the tale of the Wise Men of Gotham's attempt at fencing in the cuckoo, but is actually a Neolithic burial mound.

It is about three thousand years old and was excavated in 1847 These depict the people of the village as being stupid.However, the reason for the behaviour is believed to be that the villagers wished to feign madness to avoid a Royal Highway being built through the village, as they would then be expected to build and maintain this route.