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23-Mar-2016 13:15

Unless you just emerged from a booze coma that you plunged yourself into right around the time Chuck Todd turned Florida red on his big touch-screen map, you're aware by now that Donald Trump was elected president last night.

Fortunately for the sake of our democracy, his opponents are an infinitely more mature lot. Despite the fact that he lost the popular vote (for those of you who slept through civics class, that means more voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton), Donald Trump will be our next president. A few hours after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in an upset nearly no pollster saw coming, the Democratic nominee for this same office stood on stage in New York City and apologized.Related: Bella Talks Weight Loss Fur-trimmed loafers with chain detail on the vamp? And a yellow Chanel bag that totally clashed with her dress? Maybe Bells felt discombobulated after this horrid election news and couldn't coordinate her outfit. CLICK HERE to view "Emergency Political Puppy Therapy" CLICK HERE to view "Emergency Political Puppy Therapy" CLICK HERE to view "Emergency Political Puppy Therapy" CLICK HERE to view "Emergency Political Puppy Therapy" CLICK HERE to view "Emergency Political Puppy Therapy" We don't blame them.If so, we totally understand, and we'll give her a pass on this one. Whether you got the result you were hoping for or not, we think it's safe to say we're all EXHAUSTED after that grueling campaign season between President-Elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We're all still at a total loss after Donald Trump somehow defeated Hillary Clinton in the race for the Presidency — but the students of Berkeley High School sure knew how to express their immense discontent.The NC resident posted the terrifying photo (above) that seemed to show members of the white supremacy group — who publicly backed the controversial candidate during his campaign — walking across a bridge in white robes and hoods, captioning the scary shot: singer's style has evolved quite a bit over the years, the blonde beauty has regularly slayed it on the red carpet and on the street too! However, every ensemble Taylor's worn doesn't always work for every person.

Video: Protesters Light Fires & Chant 'F*ck Donald Trump!

' Apparently, about 1,500 teens left the building and formed a giant crowd, where they chanted against the election's outcome.