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A synchronous motor spins at the same rate as the cycle of the alternating current driving it.Synchronous electric clocks had been available previously, but had to be started manually.Warren saw electric motors as the solution to this problem.In 1915, he invented a self-starting synchronous motor consisting of a rotor and a coil, which was patented in 1918.Initially, it was called "The Warren Clock Company," producing battery-powered clocks.These proved unreliable, however, since batteries weakened quickly, which resulted in inaccurate time-keeping.

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E., Herschede, & Revere chiming mantel & tall case electric clocks service charges. E., Herschede, or Revere chiming mantel clock or Tall Case chiming clock? Rebuilding other Clock Motors, other Electric Clocks, and General Information. Telechron is the name of a US company that manufactured electric clocks between 19.