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31-Oct-2014 13:58

With me in front of a camera, it's a game of chance—you never know what you're going to get. Still bail if a dude doesn't even look like the great-great-aunt, twice removed of the impostor in his profile, but before that, cut him some slack.

(Again, to self: "You're not getting soft in your old age, are you?

And can we really say we're in the dating apocalypse if everyone (else) is still swiping like there's no tomorrow? As a person so un-talented at sitting for photos that the resultant images can range from blobfish snapped mid-sneeze to very, very distant relative of Gemma Ward, I cannot stand idly by as my simultaneously cruel and Pollyanna-ish friends dismiss potential matches because "Why does he look fine in some pictures but not in others?

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she hasn't worked in this market for a long time so to make the move obviously it's because she wants to further her career." Ragenard wouldn't say whether Ward hopes to work internationally or what board she is signed to — straight or plus-size.")But then again, not too much mercy, because then that would be a compromise.